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SABA Cooktop Repair

Most owners stop their cooktops from heating and use infrared while running on gas. Of course, the repair of gas and electric cooktops is better to trust the Appliance Service Center. Our company employs professional specialists. We provide quality SABA Cooktop Repair in San Diego County. Our company provides warranty and post-warranty repairs for your equipment.

Possible causes of gas appliance breakdowns

  • Natural wear and tear on the gas valve.
  • Wear and tear of the gas control system.
  • Clogging of the nozzle with food.
  • Deformation of the cooking table.
  • Clogging of the nozzle with foodstuffs.

To eliminate the breakdown, it is necessary to diagnose the above-mentioned components of the panel to detect the defect. If there is no defect, the solenoid valve and thermocouple will be replaced. Only SABA Cooktop Repair and Service specialists will repair the problem.

Electric ignition does not work (no click, no spark)

This breakdown is not a verdict on the panel, most owners switch to matches. Troubleshooting begins with checking the socket. Plug into the socket a known working household appliance. The contacts are visually inspected and cleaned with alcohol, if necessary. If these manipulations do not help, have the ignition unit replaced by SABA Cooktop Repairs service technicians.

Gas burns weak (burner may not start)

If the panel is left unattended for a long period of time, the burner nozzle becomes clogged with household waste or food. This malfunction can be repaired by the owner himself, without assistance. The burner is dismantled and flushed with running water. Clean the “bowl” where the nozzle is located with a brush. The nozzle hole is cleaned with a wooden object (toothpick, match). If you are unable to repair the problem yourself, call SABA Cooktop Repair and Service.

Jammed faucet (won’t turn)

A dangerous defect that can lead to the loss of the entire appliance. If the faucet is jammed, we suggest turning off the gas on the lowering to the stove and calling an emergency service. Caused by increased humidity inside the construction of the panel, lack of maintenance of the tap.

The jammed gas faucet should be corrected as part of the service repair by SABA Cooktop Repair cooktop technicians, namely disassembly of the faucet, flushing and cleaning the rotary parts of dirt and outdated grease. Applying graphite grease and lapping the taper plug.

Major breakdowns of induction cooktops include

  • The cooktop will not turn on or will immediately shut off. This is not a breakdown, but a feature of the functionality of the technique.
  • The cooktop has a lock on the wrong material or diameter of cookware. When you remove the cookware, the burner turns off automatically.
  • It heats long and weakly. The cookware is incorrectly selected.
  • It switches on by itself. You need to remove metal items from the stove, remove the salt from it. If it does not turn on, the control unit is broken, which is repaired or replaced at the service center by SABA Cooktop Repairs and Services.
  • The panel does not work. The fuse has blown, the power supply circuit has broken, or parts have burned out. The main breakdowns of induction stoves are caused by malfunctions in the induction generator circuits. The malfunction is due to improper operation and is among the rare ones. Our company has qualified SABA Cooktop Repair technicians who will fix this malfunction.

If an induction or gas cooktop suddenly becomes malfunctioning or refuses to respond to activation, do not immediately make repairs yourself.

The right solution is to have the unit diagnosed in the Appliance Service Center by our specialist. Cooktop is a complicated household appliance and unqualified repair can lead to deterioration of the equipment. SABA Cooktop Repair and Services qualified technicians can solve your problem quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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An induction cooktop is quite complicated. It can have high voltage transistors failing, broken conductive module tracks, destroyed electronic components in the unit, a faulty heating element, sensor problems, and more.  IMPORTANT: SABA Cooktop Repair is a very complex process! Therefore, you should not troubleshoot it yourself! Trust this job to a professional!

The most common malfunction – burnout heating elements. Usually not all at once, but one at a time. SABA Cooktop Repair in this case consists of replacing the heating element with a new one. Failure of the power module and its components – the second most popular breakdown. And also requires the intervention of professionals.

There can be many breakdowns. Customers often come to us with the fact that the burner does not work. This can be due to a violation of contacts in the connection circuit or the failure of individual parts: the temperature sensor, relay, heating element. If the cooktop does not turn on at all or turns on but does not heat. It is necessary to check the burner for breakage, if necessary, replace the heater. To avoid aggravating the problem, do not try to repair it yourself, contact SABA Cooktop Repair.