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The gas range is a very important part of any house or apartment. The rapid heating used in the combustion of gas gives an advantage over electric ranges. But like any technique, the gas range can break down. Find a wizard for gas range repair you can contact the Appliance Service Center. We provide quality gas range repair Kucht Range Repair in San Diego County. Our company provides quality repairs for your equipment.

Our company has been in the appliance repair market since 2001. We employ Kucht Range Repair and Service experts with over 20 years of experience.

Let’s look at the most common breakdowns

Breakdown of burners, flame spreaders

Gas burners suddenly turn off on their own – most likely the cause is the solenoid valve, which is responsible for the gas supply to the burner. You should also pay attention to the temperature sensor (thermocouple). Kucht Range Repairs will fix this fault.

Faulty ignition switch (ignition unit)

Normally, the gas supply is fine in this situation. If, on the other hand, the ignition unit stops providing a spark to the spark plug, it must be replaced. Our service center has Kucht Range Repair and Service technicians who specialize in gas equipment.

Adjustment knob feed regulator malfunction

Usually, with a lot of use, the gas regulators that are located behind the knobs can malfunction. External cleaning, lubrication, or replacement can help in this case. The experts at Kucht Range Repair will solve this problem when you contact us.

Noise during burner operation

The malfunction occurs when the burner is not properly installed after cleaning. The solution is to check the correct installation. If the problem is not eliminated, consider replacing the flame spreader.

Uneven burning of the burners

If one burner has a higher flame than the others, it is necessary to replace the nozzles on this burner. If the flame increases on all burners, it is necessary to check the pressure in the gas supply system. It is better to call a Kucht Range Repairs and Services technician.

If the flame is weak on the other hand

This is the same as with a strong flame! Check the hose for pinching, and if the problem is not eliminated, call a master. Most probably there is a problem with the pressure system.

The range does not light, does not light up immediately, what can it be?

  • A jammer is blocked.
  • Spark plug failed.
  • Dislocated burner (burner).
  • Malfunction in gas control system (leaks).

Blinkers are smoking

Check nozzles for contamination. This is probably the only reason. Because the products of cooking in the process of operation “mysteriously” get into all corners of the range causing clogging and as a result interfere with the work of the range.

Gas taps are difficult to turn

This is mostly caused by grease build up on the pivoting mechanisms (knob and plastic rings). Take everything off and wash with soapy water. To a lesser extent occurs due to lack of lubrication inside the faucet. You should disassemble the faulty faucet, clean out the old graphite grease and apply new grease. Do not overdo the amount of grease, or over time the holes in the faucet will become clogged with excess. If you can’t handle this problem, call Kucht Range Repair.

In any case, with any breakdown, don’t take the risk of doing the repair yourself. Gas is a hazard in the first place. It is better to seek help from the Appliance Service Center, who will help you with repairs in complete safety. Many of the malfunctions can be fixed by Kucht Range Repair and Service specialists, but there are also cases where the unit goes completely out of business if customers don’t contact in time to fix the problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about range repair? Before you contact our operator, we suggest you look at the frequently asked questions that our company’s customers ask.

The function of electric ignition in gas stoves greatly simplifies the life of the modern user, but far from always works properly. To determine the exact cause of a piezo element breakdown, you should first find out whether the reason for the lack of burner flame is really due to a faulty piezo. Kucht Range Repair will perform the repair quickly and in a short time.

The gas control element can fail due to a trivial clog that can form during the operation of the appliances. In this case, it is enough to clean the thermocouple from the accumulated grease and dust with simple sandpaper. If even after cleaning the element, the gas stove burner is still fading, you will have to contact Kucht Range Repair.

If you want to clean the nozzles as best as possible, your best bet is to unscrew all the bolts, and open the gas range lid, but you have to be very careful not to damage the appliance. It is recommended to unscrew the nozzle beforehand for a more effective cleaning. If you have not been able to deal with this breakdown on your own, contact Kucht Range Repair.