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Premier Range Repair

The range is subject to natural wear and tear during operation. To keep your gas equipment in proper condition, regular preventive maintenance is required. Appliance Service Center repairs and maintenance are available for this type of equipment. When a consumer encounters problems with their gas range, they should contact Premier Range Repair in San Diego County. Our company provides quality repairs for your equipment.

Our service center has the best professional technicians at Premier Range Repair and Service who will perform quality appliance repairs. They have over 20 years of experience.

Why your gas range won’t hold a flame

To understand what can happen to the gas control subsystem, and to identify weaknesses in the design, let’s take a brief look at how it all works in good working order.

  • The user turns the knob on the desired burner, opening the gas supply to the burner.
  • At the same time, the auto-ignition starts and delivers high-voltage pulses to an electrode insulated from the body next to the burner.
  • The burner lights up and the thermocouple gradually heats up. It is also located next to the burner.
  • The voltage generated by the thermocouple elements energizes the valve winding and its actuator is held open after the user releases the trigger, continuing to supply gas to the burning burner.
  • When the gas burner goes out for any reason, the thermocouple elements stop supplying power to the valve and it closes under the action of the spring, shutting off the gas. Premier Range Repairs will troubleshoot these problems.

Even though the gas inlet mechanism does not include very many components, it can malfunction. In such cases, the faulty burner won’t turn on or the fire on it goes out immediately after starting. The experts at Premier Range Repair and Service will solve this problem when you contact us.

Common reasons why a gas stove flame goes out with gas control

While technical gas control breakdowns are not uncommon, the most common reason why a gas range burner constantly goes out is due to common clogs. Cooking residue, moisture or dirt on the parts can disable even well-protected elements.

  • If the flame of the burners (one or more) does not ignite from the electric ignition, and there is no distinctive sparking noise, try lighting the burner with matches or a lighter – there may be a problem with the auto ignition system. Premier Range Repair will quickly correct the problem.
  • Quite often, after turning on, the gas burns very weakly and goes out when the switch is released. This can be caused by a clogged nozzle in the burner nozzle.

In this case, the flame temperature is not sufficient for the thermocouple to produce an EMF, which will be sufficient to create the necessary electromagnetic field in the winding that holds the valve actuator. Similar symptoms also occur when the gas inlet pressure from the pipeline is low. Premier Range Repairs and Services gas system technicians will fix the problem.

To fix all these damages, it will require a full disassembly, and this involves “opening up” the gas supply system, which is not allowed.  Therefore, in such cases, you need to contact Premier Range Repair experts with the proper clearance.

It is better to seek help from the Appliance Service Center, who will help you with the repair in complete safety. Gas stoves, if provided with timely service, will last a long time. You can have your equipment serviced by a trusted company. Many of the malfunctions can be fixed by Premier Range Repair and Service technicians, but there are also cases where the unit becomes completely unusable if customers don’t contact in time to fix the problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions can be answered in one place. As well as full advice on the operation and care of your range.

Quite a common reason for contacting the specialists of the service center. There can be several reasons for this problem:

  • Nozzle clearance by grease or food residue.
  • A crack has formed, or the insulation of the spark plug of the burner is broken. In this case, the damaged part must be replaced.
  • Failure of the solenoid valve. Contact a master, who will replace the inoperative element.
  • Thermocouple burnout. When this failure occurs, contact a Premier Range Repair technician for replacement of the faulty element.
  • Failure of the automatic electric ignition.
  • Problems in the power supply to the appliance.

There are many advantages and compelling arguments to turn to the professionals of the service center. The first and important one is that a specialized service center employs Premier Range Repair professionals who have proven this with their hard work and time. The second point is that only original components should be used in the work, not their fakes. And the third point – providing a warranty on all types of work. 

It is possible to clean the burner of the range yourself. To do this, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • Turn off the gas valve and remove the burner cover. 
  • Remove the burner. 
  • Soak the burner head and cover in warm water with dishwashing detergent for about 20–30 minutes. 
  • Using a sponge and an old toothbrush, remove dirt from all surfaces of the head and cap.
  • If you are having difficulty with this work, contact the experts at Premier Range Repair.