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Maxx Ice Commercial Ice Maker Repair

Today commercial ice makers are widespread. Just like any other appliance, this device can malfunction. To repair a commercial ice maker, the best solution is to call a technician from the Appliance Service Center. The device is actively used in the meat-processing industry, in the manufacture of various food semi-finished products. Many consumers in the summer period prefer to use a household commercial ice maker. We carry out quality Maxx Ice Commercial Ice Maker Repair in San Diego County.

Our company has been in the appliance repair market since 2001. We have Maxx Ice Commercial Ice Maker Repair and Service specialists with over 20 years of experience.

We will list the list of faults below, which is exactly the assortment of faults that, based on our extensive experience, users and consumers most often call service centers for commercial ice maker breakdowns.

No water intake

This occurs when the pump is malfunctioning, or the nozzles are clogged. You can tell by the incomplete filling of the molds or the wrong shape of ice. The pump performs the function of forcing the liquid into the compartment. It then passes through the nozzles. When the water does not come, it indicates a clog.

It must necessarily be removed. To do this, the water manifold is dismantled, the nozzles and filter are cleaned. The pump is also checked. Broken parts are to be replaced. All malfunctions of the commercial ice maker will be repaired by Maxx Ice Commercial Ice Maker Repairs specialists.

Clogged drain/drainage hose

The principle of operation and connection of the unit’s drain hose is almost identical to that of a washing machine. However, clogging occurs much more often. And you can notice unfrozen cubes and liquid in the chamber.

The cause of clogging is the ingress of foreign particles into the drain, the cooling of food and beverages in the unit, illiterate connection of the hose (below the required level). Maxx Ice Commercial Ice Maker Repair and Service technicians will gladly repair your commercial ice maker.

Breaking the switch and thermostat

If the commercial ice maker doesn’t turn on, or if it shuts down, there may be a defect in the hopper thermostat. In addition, ice is not being produced or there is an emergency shutdown of the pressure switch. It is the hopper thermostat that controls the ice production. When the desired temperature is reached, the unit will shut down.

In the event of a malfunction, the regulators are inspected, the opening/closing of the shutoff valve is checked, and the condenser, fan, and solenoid valve are examined. Our craftsmen specializing in Maxx Ice Commercial Ice Maker Repair will replace it in no time.

Ice maker takes too long to create

When the cycle time is longer than thirty minutes and there are irregularly shaped ice cubes, you can speak of a clogged radiator. This applies to air-cooled generators. It is necessary to clean the radiator urgently. To do this, remove the service hatch, unscrew the screws, unfasten the panel mounts, and remove it. The radiator is cleaned with a brush and air stream. Then the panel is reinstalled.

Thermostat, valve and programmer failures

If it is noticed that pieces of ice are freezing on the evaporator or the defrost cycle does not start, the unit must be immediately turned off and reset.

Evaporator problems

There can be two possibilities here – bad frosting or no frosting of the evaporator. In the first case, the pressure is less than the normal value. This is due to a clogged capillary or freon leakage. You must find and remove clogging, check the condition of the dehumidifying filter.

It is necessary to find the leak and refill the freon. In the second case pressure is higher than normal in the suction process. Probably the solenoid valve or water valve is open. Need to check and if necessary, replace parts. We have experts at Maxx Ice Commercial Ice Maker Repairs and Services, and they will replace the evaporator in your commercial ice maker very quickly.

Blinking lights

If this happens, it means that there is malfunction. You need to check the amount of liquid in the tank, ice mold filling. To avoid such problems, you should fill only with purified water. If you fill automatically, use a purified filter. Water in the tank changes every day. The tank is cleaned with a soda solution. If the blinking does not stop, you need to call Maxx Ice Commercial Ice Maker Repair.

The commercial ice maker is a complex appliance, so problems can vary from blinking lights to replacing the compressor motor. Some problems you can diagnose yourself, but in other cases you need qualified help from an experienced Appliance Service Center technician. Maxx Ice Commercial Ice Maker Repair and Service technicians will come to your home the first time you call. If you save money on a quality diagnosis today, you risk losing money that you’ll have to spend on a new ice maker tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Make sure the connection is properly made and there are no blockages. Check the water tank, maybe there is no water flow to the appliance. Or there is a technical breakdown of the compressor or other ice maker components. It is not worth launching a breakdown of an expensive technique. Timely and prompt Maxx Ice Commercial Ice Maker Repair will prevent major and costly repairs. 

The cause could be because the ice maker drain hose is clogged, clogged, pinched or torn, or the pump is broken. The solution to this problem is to check the integrity and permeability of the drain hose, or to clean the nozzles or replace the pump. This is a quick and easy Maxx Ice Commercial Ice Maker Repair, but it’s also best left to the professionals.

The reason is that the water will cool down very quickly. When the freezing process is fast, tiny air bubbles formed from dissolved air in the water will gradually accumulate in the center. Specialized ice machines freeze water in layers so that no air bubbles form inside the ice. Opaque ice indicates that this equipment needs Maxx Ice Commercial Ice Maker Repair.