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NXR Range Repair

Every housewife knows that the main helper in the kitchen is a gas range. Today, going to the store, you can choose a stove of any configuration. But, unfortunately, any, even the most durable appliances have the unpleasant property of breaking down. Often, the main reason for the failure of the gas range is improper use and untimely repair. When a breakdown occurs, contact the Appliance Service Center right away. We provide quality gas range repair NXR Range Repair in San Diego County.

Our company has been in business since 2001. We are staffed by NXR Range Repair and Service specialists, with over 20 years of experience.

The most common breakdowns of gas range

Burner clogging

Burner clogging is the most common gas range breakdown that can be handled with your own hands. In this case, when igniting burners, the flame can burn very weakly or completely disappear. In this case, the only option is to clean the nozzle.

If you want to clean the nozzles as best as possible, then the best option would be to unscrew all the screws, and open the lid of the gas range, but you need to do it very carefully so as not to damage the device. For more effective cleaning of the nozzle, it is recommended to unscrew it beforehand. If you are unable to solve this problem yourself, contact NXR Range Repairs.

Problems with the ignition switch

The electrical ignition feature in gas ranges makes life a lot easier for the modern user, but it doesn’t always work properly. To find out the exact cause of a broken piezo element, you should first find out whether the lack of flame on the burner is due to a faulty piezo.

Check for dirt on the range of the ignition elements. Even if a small drop of water gets inside the nozzle, the burner will no longer ignite. In the case where only one burner does not work, it makes sense to check its ignition electrode. If there is a crack on its surface, then the problem of the lack of flame is in it. The spark simply pierces to the side, not reaching the burner breaker. NXR Range Repair and Service will get the repair done quickly and in a short amount of time.

Gas control doesn’t work

Any gas range is equipped with a special gas control system that monitors gas leaks during the operation of the appliance. This system is called a thermocouple and looks like a small metal pin located near each burner.

Even if the flame goes out for some reason, the thermocouple prevents the gas from spreading, and thus prevents an emergency from occurring.

The gas-control element can fail due to a trivial clog, which can be formed during the operation of the equipment. In this case, it is enough to clean the thermocouple from the accumulated grease and dust with simple sandpaper. If even after cleaning the element, the gas range burner is still fading, you’ll have to call NXR Range Repair.

Door failure

The most common problem with a range is the inability to fully close its door. Such a malfunction can occur because of excessive stress on the door itself, which is why it is not advisable to place heavy objects, such as pans, on it. Over time, the brackets necessary to hold the door, simply deformed, which can no longer perform their function. After the NXR Range Repairs and Services technicians replace the part, operation is restored.

Tightly turned faucet

If your gas range faucet isn’t turning properly, you can get it back in working order by lubricating it with simple graphite grease. The first thing to do is to shut off the center gas valve to the range, then remove the top panel to allow access to the taps. NXR Range Repair will diagnose the faucet and fix the problem at the owner’s location.

A gas range breakdown usually brings a lot of inconvenience, but always requires the help of a qualified Appliance Service Center technician. Many of the problems can be fixed by NXR Range Repair and Service specialists, but there are also cases where the unit goes completely out of business if customers don’t call in on time to fix the problems.

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