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Wine Cooler Repair in Point Loma

A wine cooler is a device that allows the wine to stay in a perfect microclimate. Sensitive sensors that instantly register changes in temperature and humidity, as well as an electronic control unit are responsible for this. But like other household appliances, this equipment can malfunction. For service, it’s best to contact the trusted professionals at Appliance Service Center right away. For service, contact the professionals at Wine Cooler Repair in Point Loma, CA.

We recommend ongoing service, which will greatly extend the life of your appliance. Our company has been in business since 2001. The professionals at Point Loma Wine Cooler Repair have over 20 years of experience.

The main causes of wine cooler breakdowns are


There is also a high probability of damage to the motor itself. Pistons and piston rings can wear out because of backlash. If the sound appeared recently – then the engine can be repaired. If you waited quite a long time and went to the master at the last moment – then the engine will have to be replaced. In the case of severe wear, decompression occurs, which does not allow you to restore the device. Our company has qualified a master for Wine Cooler Repair in Point Loma, CA who will fix this malfunction.

High temperature indoors

The most recent option is high indoor temperatures. Even though the operation of the compressor model is almost independent of the ambient temperature, such devices cannot function properly in high heat or in direct sunlight.

If you find the instruction manual of the cabinet, it will specify its temperature class, according to which it can operate only in a certain temperature range. The higher the ambient temperature, the less effective the condenser (the grill on the back of any cooler) is at cooling.

In this case, the compressor must work much harder than in normal mode, which can be perceived as noise. Further operation of the unit in these conditions is not recommended. In the case of prolonged operation, it may completely shut down or even burn out. Repair can be carried out by our specialists of Point Loma Wine Cooler Repairs.


Depending on the design, humidity is maintained through forced ventilation, electronic control, or the use of lava stone. If the humidity is high, the labels deteriorate. Insufficient humidity causes corks to dry out. Moisture problems occur when the air circulation is disturbed (ducts are clogged, the fan is damaged), the filter is clogged, the drainage hole is clogged. Wine Cooler Repair in Point Loma, CA will perform the service.

Fan problems

A fan is necessary to ensure air circulation inside the chamber. Without it, the cooling will not be even and the whole point of the wine cooler will be lost. Like any mechanical device, the fan can fail. Its damage can be compared to a computer cooler, which, after the motor bearings wear out, begins to emit a strong hum or even a metallic clatter. Our company has specialists in Point Loma Wine Cooler Repair who will solve this problem when you contact us.

Loose connections

Compressor wine cooler has a fan and the motor itself, which vibrates during operation. Like any moving mechanism, they have fasteners that can develop after a long period of time.

If this happens, both devices can make a metallic sound that will be quite audible, especially if the unit was working normally before. When you call a technician, you should tell him about the problem, describe the type of wine cooler, and ideally, the exact make and serial number. A Wine Cooler Repair in Point Loma, CA technician will take the unit apart and fix the fasteners if necessary.

The key to reliable operation is to have your refrigeration equipment serviced by a trusted company like Appliance Service Center. Point Loma Wine Cooler Repair and Service certified technicians are experienced in repairing specialized refrigeration equipment. Usually, all it takes to fix a problem is one visit to the address where the wine cooler repair is performed at home or at another facility. Necessary parts and components are always available.

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