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Wine Cooler Repair in North Park

People who prefer to buy appliances from reliable and reputable manufacturers usually rarely need repairs, but when the warranty period ends, or if the official service center is far away and takes a long time to get there, repairs can be a problem. At Appliance Service Center, we believe that people who choose premium electronics also deserve quality service. That’s why we only offer Wine Cooler Repair North Park, CA.

Why this particular company? 

One of the specialized areas of our company is North Park Wine Cooler Repair. For wine cooler repair, you can’t go to any service that does cooler repair, although in most cases the causes of defects are similar – leaks, malfunctioning control units, compressors, fans, etc. 

But also, systems can fail which are not present in wine coolers but are typical to the construction of wine coolers – humidity and temperature sensors, filters for odor absorption, humidity control units, vibration absorption systems, thermostats with very accurate temperature settings.

Therefore, not every refrigeration repair technician is suitable for Wine Cooler Repair in North Park, CA. The specialist must have professional skills and experience in repairing wine coolers specifically. 

It is also better not to mess with North Park Wine Cooler Repairs on your own. The equipment is high-tech and experimenting with it is dangerous.

We understand that if a broken wine cooler is not repaired in time, there can be unpleasant consequences: the wine stored there can spoil and lose its qualities. That’s why it’s important to get Wine Cooler Repair in North Park, CA done as quickly as possible. However, it is not always possible to do it urgently. 

Wine coolers are not widely available, and not all parts are in stock. If the necessary parts are out of stock at the service center, the North Park Wine Cooler Repair time frame is determined by the delivery time of the parts and can vary from one week to several months.

Our advantages

  • You get professional wine cooler repair at a bargain price. We have our own parts warehouse. Workers arrive promptly within 24 hours in company vehicles.
  • You get a really good quality wine cooler repair. Our specialists are regularly trained and improve their skills.
  • Our cooling equipment engineers will advise you and give you recommendations on how to fix some of the typical wine cabinet problems and malfunctions on your own.

Main malfunctions 

The correct temperature is not being maintained 

It is possible that the capillary system is clogged. There may be several reasons for this, up to corrosion or errors during normal refrigerant replacement. The temperature sensor has failed. 

Make sure that the number of bottles in the refrigerator and the ambient temperature are within the limits specified by the manufacturer and call a technician. On-site diagnostics will identify the problem, and a technician will fix it.

Noise or vibration appears 

It is possible that the problem arose due to unprofessional installation of the wine cooler. The manufacturer fights vibration in every possible way suspends the motor-compressor on silent blocks, increasing the space between the inner chamber and the outer casing, which is filled with special foam. 

All efforts come to naught if the unit stands on an uneven floor. Call the master – he will find out the reason, tighten everything that “loosened” and replace the parts that have failed.

Compressor does not turn off 

During the period of dialing the desired temperature, the compressor motor runs at peak load, if the specified mode is not achieved, the compressor is loaded all the time. 

The wine cooler, usually quiet, starts humming and the temperature does not go down. This usually indicates a refrigerant leak, which only a Wine Cooler Repair in North Park, CA technician can fix without loss of equipment quality. 

Compressor shuts down right after you turn it on 

The most likely cause is failure of the compressor motor. It happens very rarely, but it can be the result of improper operation, such as constant overloading. But it is not excluded that the onboard electronics are out of order. The master will come and sort everything out.

Wine cooler does not turn on

In this case, the backlight may even turn on. Most often the reason is the failure of the emergency thermostat. This is one of the main electronic control units, which is subject to replacement according to the results of diagnostics. A technician will get the job done quickly.

Appliance Service Center offers high quality services at the most affordable prices available to you 24/7! You can contact us at the listed phone number or leave a request on our website and ask for North Park Wine Cooler Repair and Service, and we will provide the perfect solution for you in no time!

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