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Washer Repair in Paradise Valley

Individual washer breakdowns can be repaired on your own, but most malfunctions require Appliance Service Center because of the complexity of the work and the need for certain tools. The best option for solving complex problems in washer repair is the team of professionals at Washer Repair in Paradise Valley, CA that repairs both household and other appliances.

Let’s look at the main washer malfunctions

The washer does not turn on

If the washer does not respond to the on/off button, there may be a problem with the electrical circuitry. Contacts could be loose or oxidized, wires could be broken and so on. This situation will require the help of Paradise Valley Washer Repair.

If there is no reaction when you start the washer – there are several options here:

  • The door is not closed tightly, and the electronics do not give the command to start the wash.
  • The electronic module itself is broken, so it cannot give commands.
  • There is a problem with the motor, and the repair or replacement of the motor is needed.

Only a Washer Repair in Paradise Valley, CA appliance repair technician can make an accurate “diagnosis”.

Water won’t come on

Maybe you just don’t have any water. For example, they just turned it off and you didn’t notice. That’s one reason, and there are several options in general, too:

  • The water supply tap in the washing machine is closed.
  • Twisted the fill hose.
  • The door does not fit tightly, and the electronic module did not give the command to draw water.
  • The filter, which does not let the smallest particles of dust and scale from the water supply, is clogged.

If you cannot solve the problem yourself – call a master Paradise Valley Washer Repairs, the matter is much more serious.

Water won’t heat up

There are usually two reasons for this problem:

  • The heating element (so-called TEN) is broken.
  • The electronic module, which controls the temperature mode, is broken.

Immediately note that the breakage of the TEN is the most common reason that the machine does not want to heat water. Also, replacing the heater will not be difficult if you have a model of the machine with an easily accessible location of the heating element when you can get to it only by removing the back panel. If your brand requires an almost complete disassembly of the appliance, however, it’s best to trust a Washer Repair in Paradise Valley, CA technician.

The drum won’t spin

The most common case is a broken drum bearing. The prospect of further repairs depends largely on whether you have a collapsible tank or a non-collapsible one. If it is non-disassembled, you will have to change the entire drum assembly. If it’s collapsible, it’s easier. You just replace the worn-out part. If you’re not a professional technician or even an auto locksmith, it’s best not to try it yourself – call a Paradise Valley Washer Repair technician.

Water won’t drain

And if at any stage of the wash has stopped draining water, then the laundry will have to be washed by hand. It can stop draining at any stage: after soaking, after washing, after rinsing and before spinning.

  • There may be many reasons for this:
  • A clogged drain hose.
  • A clogged drain pump.
  • Clogged drain hose.
  • Broken drain pump.
  • A blown fuse.

All other causes, require the intervention of a Washer Repair in Paradise Valley, CA professional.

No matter what happens to your washer – you can always count on the Appliance Service Center for all your washing needs. Find and deliver genuine washer parts, repair, and replace worn parts by Paradise Valley Washer Repair and Service appliance repair technicians.

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