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Refrigerator Repair in Point Loma

Often our appliances become just a necessary background in the kitchen, which should perform its functions and not bring us problems. However, sooner or later, there comes a time when the cherished light does not come on, or the refrigerator simply stops “freezing”. We recommend in these cases to address the professional technicians of Appliance Service Center, which will conduct a thorough diagnostics and will make a verdict. The professionals at Refrigerator Repair in Point Loma, CA get the job done right.

Our company has been in the appliance repair market since 2001. Our staff includes Point Loma Refrigerator Repair specialists with over 20 years of experience.

We will list the list of faults that follows, which is exactly the assortment of faults that, based on our extensive experience, users and consumers most often turn to service centers for refrigerator breakdowns.

The most common breakdowns

The refrigerator doesn’t turn on, there is no light or indication

First, you need to check the presence of electrical voltage, electrical circuits. In some cases, it may indicate a malfunction in the control module. Our Refrigerator Repair in Point Loma, CA electricians will fix this problem.

Lights don’t turn on


There can only be two causes here – a blown bulb or a faulty door switch. The switch must be replaced.

Food freezes in the refrigerator compartment

In this situation, there are many more possible causes. On your own, even before calling a master, you need to check the mode. Perhaps the regulator is set to maximum. After that, assess the condition of the thermoregulator, check the refrigeration circuit for integrity, filling with freon.

Low temperature in the kitchen, which does not correspond to the climatic class of the refrigerator, can also cause freezing of food. An experienced specialist in Point Loma Refrigerator Repairs, to cope with this problem.

Food in the refrigerator compartment isn’t cooling well

Again, the first thing to check is the settings. The refrigerator may be on minimum cooling. The second factor for insufficient cooling is the proximity of the refrigerator to the wall. It can also be due to the proximity of heating appliances, direct sunlight.

More serious problems are freon leakage, clogged capillary tube, and jammed switching valve. When the compressor is running, there is no cooling in the freezer, refrigerator, or both chambers. Do not exclude such factors as freon leakage, clogging of the dehumidification cartridge filter, capillary tube. Filters are cleaned, leaks are sealed, and refills are performed. Refrigerator Repair in Point Loma, CA will solve the problems related to freon.

Compressor is not running smoothly and there is no cooling

These signs indicate a malfunction in the thermostat, starting relay, or compressor. Refrigerant may be leaking partially or completely. Replacing the thermostat is a complex breakdown, which will be handled by specialists specializing in Point Loma Refrigerator Repair.

Frost forms quickly in the freezer compartment

This happens when the air circulation in the freezer is obstructed, the inlet and outlet openings are closed. Often the freezing stops after replacing the gaskets. Because of the loosening of the gasket, warm air enters the freezer compartment, contributing to the snow coat buildup.

Refrigerator makes noise, makes strange noises

Check the correctness of installation of the unit – the adjustment of the legs, the distance between the back wall of the refrigerator and the wall of the room, the presence of foreign objects behind the refrigerator and under it. Of the technical problems – malfunction of the compressor and clogging of the capillary system. Our Refrigerator Repair in Point Loma, CA specialists will fix this problem.

Appearance of an unpleasant odor

A common cause is spoiled food, irregular cleaning of the interior of the refrigerator. From the technical malfunctions to the occurrence of unpleasant odor leads to clogging of the drain hole.

The refrigerator is a very complex appliance therefore all kinds of problems can arise from a light bulb in the refrigerating chamber to the replacement of the compressor motor. In all cases, skilled assistance from an experienced Appliance Service Center technician is required. Point Loma Refrigerator Repair and Service technicians will come to your home the first time you call. By saving today on a quality diagnosis, you risk losing money that you will have to spend tomorrow on a new refrigerator.

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