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Microwave Repair in Vista

A microwave is a household appliance for heating, defrosting, and cooking food. Over time, the question may arise as to why the microwave does not turn on. There are many reasons for the malfunction. But if you have a serious problem with this equipment, you should contact the trusted professionals at Appliance Service Center right away. Our team of Microwave Repair in Vista, CA specialists will perform quality repairs on your equipment.

The main microwave faults

Microwave light flashes

The cause of a blinking light bulb can be either the bulb itself, which should be replaced, or it can be a matter of contact continuity.

The plate in the microwave does not spin

The cause of this malfunction is the motor that rotates the plate. In most cases, the solution to this problem is to replace the motor, but if the motor is dismountable and of good quality – the problem can be solved by cleaning and lubrication. Our master specializing in Vista Microwave Repair will replace it in no time.

Microwave turns on, but does not heat food

This “symptom” most often indicates the failure of the magnetron, which, however, can be easily replaced with a new one. This repair makes sense in the case of an expensive microwave, and in the case of a cheap one – it will be more expedient to replace the microwave itself. Our Microwave Repair in Vista, CA technicians perform any kind of microwave repair.

Microwave will not turn on

There can be many reasons for this problem, from a plug, fuse or control board failure, to the power supply. The exact cause can only be found out by undergoing diagnosis in the conditions of Vista Microwave Repairs service center.

Microwave plate sparks

More often than not, the cause is the use of a plate with a pattern of different metals. If you notice something like this – quickly turn off the microwave, and replace the plate by choosing an option without all kinds of patterns.

Smoke coming out of the microwave

There can be many reasons for this malfunction: it can be mica, short circuit, transformer, etc. The exact cause can only be determined after undergoing a complete diagnosis by the technicians at Microwave Repair in Vista, CA.

Microwave grill doesn’t work

More often than not, the problem lies in the heating element itself, which must be replaced. Also, grill problems can be due to a bad contact, or a problem with the control board that is responsible for turning on the grill. We have professional Vista Microwave Repair technicians, and they will solve the problem very quickly.

Microwave buttons don’t work

If the display is “on” but the buttons don’t work – it’s most likely the buttons themselves, although a possible cause could also be the control board. In the case of the buttons – the board can both be repaired and replaced.

Microwave beeps by itself

The exact cause of this malfunction can be found only after going through a complete diagnosis, but most often the problem boils down to the control board.

Microwave smells like burnt wiring

The first thing to do is to unplug the microwave, and pull the power cord. The smell of burning indicates a combustion process (at least high temperatures), and to continue using it is a violation of fire safety.

Microwave body overheats

Most often this problem is due to a failed fan, which can be easily replaced by Microwave Repair in Vista, CA. Less often, the problem of overheating the case is related to an unfortunate room that reaches high temperatures.

Microwave does not turn off after a set period of time

This “symptom” may indicate the failure of the control board, which must be replaced in the future.

Microwave heats food unevenly

Most likely, uneven heating can be due to the lack of rotation of the plate. In turn, the plate may not rotate either in case of high humidity, and you need to wipe it thoroughly (as well as dry the moisture under the plate), or because of the failure of the motor responsible for its rotation.

Do not underestimate the simple parts and elements. Often the cause of global breakdowns, paradoxically, lies in the little things. Therefore, not knowing what to do if the microwave does not turn on, it is worth contacting the specialists of Appliance Service Center. Many and other microwave malfunctions can easily be fixed by a technician from Vista Microwave Repair and Service, only they can identify the source of the problem and the methods of fixing it.

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