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Microwave Repair in Pacific Beach

Even the most reliable brand-name appliances break down sooner or later. And the microwave is no exception. But what to do in such situations – to go to the store for a new microwave or go to a specialized repair shop? The first option is an unplanned waste of the family budget. Cost-effective and justified would be to contact a specialized center – Appliance Service Center. We have been doing professional Microwave Repair in Pacific Beach, CA of all the well-known brands since 2001. Promptness and quality and reliability is our profile!

You’ll tell me there’s still one option – to repair your microwave yourself. But if you try to carry out microwave repair with your own hands, you can get a negative result. Not having the necessary experience and technical knowledge, your unprofessional actions can not only ruin the technique, but also cause damage to property. And even put your health at risk.

Where to repair the microwave?

If you’re looking for a reliable Pacific Beach Microwave Repair shop, contact the Appliance Service Center. Our company offers the widest variety of repair services at the best prices. We use state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose breakdowns. And for troubleshooting – quality consumables and original replacement parts.

The most common malfunctions

Every household appliance has both weaknesses and strengths, which means that each brand is characterized by its own malfunctions that occur most often. And because our technicians have been doing Microwave Repair in Pacific Beach, CA for years, we’ve created a list of malfunctions and possible causes:

  • The dish tray has stopped spinning

In this case, the problem can be solved by trivial cleaning of the wheels, which may have stuck from grease deposits, or by repairing the drive motor. And while you can fix the first problem yourself, the second will require a call to a Pacific Beach Microwave Repairs service center.

  • Microwave won’t turn on

The cause of this malfunction could be a failed open-door sensor, temperature sensor, or fuse.

  • The microwave is sparking

This can be caused by using metal ovenware that is not recommended by the manufacturer. It can also be caused by chipping or peeling of the internal protective layer (enamel).

  • Heating is low or nonexistent 

The cause of such behavior of the microwave may be a failure of the magnetron or condenser. In this case, only a qualified Microwave Repair in Pacific Beach, CA, which is performed at our service center, can help.

  • Missing backlighting 

In this case, there could be several reasons. If it’s just a blown bulb, you can replace it yourself. But in the case of a break in the electrical circuit, a qualified repair by a specialist is required.

  • Failure of the buttons of the control panel

There may be many reasons. Starting from trivial sticking by greasy vapors from the kitchen and ending with a breakdown of the control microcontroller or signal transmission elements. In the latter two cases, you can get the problem fixed at our service center with expert Pacific Beach Microwave Repair.

  • The grill doesn’t work, if, of course, your model has one 

The cause of this malfunction can be a broken door sensor that prevents you from starting the grilling program.

Regardless of the type of breakdown and causes of Microwave Repair in Pacific Beach, CA should only be performed by professionals.

Master tips 

  • Wipe the bottom of the microwave thoroughly on a regular basis.
  • Use mild detergents, water, and a soft cloth to clean the inside walls of the oven, the front and back of the door, and the door seal.
  • Do not allow grease or food debris to accumulate around the door.
  • Try to keep the microwave away from refrigerators and freezers. 
  • For proper ventilation, do not place the microwave oven up against a wall.

For every Appliance Service Center employee, reputation is not an empty word. Each one of us has spent years building a name for ourselves and customers. And every breakdown you have, to us, is like our own. We treat every Pacific Beach Microwave Repair and Service job responsibly. We’ve left thousands of satisfied customers in our 20 years in business, and we’ve saved many residential and commercial appliances. Order our expert service by phone or leave a request online.

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