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Microwave Repair in North Park

What to do if the microwave doesn’t work or works, but not like before. If the equipment is still under warranty, the answer is straightforward – take it to the Appliance Service Center. But if the microwave is already of age, and you’re not ready to part with it yet if you have the desire and ability to repair it. Our technicians provide quality Microwave Repair in North Park, CA and will perform maintenance on your appliance.

Our company has been in business since 2001. We are the only one with exclusive replacement parts for all kinds of microwave brands. Our North Park Microwave Repair technicians have over 20 years of experience.

Major microwave breakdowns

Microwave won’t turn on

Like many other household appliances, a microwave has a fuse. Its purpose is to protect against sudden power outages and power surges. The fuse is easier to locate by tracing the path of the wiring leading to the magnetron or voltage transformer.

In an electronically controlled microwave, it is located directly on the control module. There is also a high-voltage fuse in the microwave. It is designed to cut off power to a faulty unit that gives a short circuit. Similarly, it stops the power supply to the microwave. The experienced handymen of Microwave Repair in North Park, CA will solve this problem quickly and efficiently.

Microwave sparks, escapes

Probably the most common problem. Microwave starts sparking in the protective – mica gasket. The microwave sparks for several reasons:

  • Metal utensils or containers with a metal rim are placed inside the unit.
  • A burned mica plate can also trigger sparking.
  • Through metal, silver, or gold fusion on the plates.
  • Mechanical damage to the enamel.

If your microwave sparks and cracks and shoots, then you have not acted according to the instructions and would not do the repair. Note that repairing the unit yourself without proper knowledge can be dangerous! North Park Microwave Repairs will perform service repairs with a warranty.

Microwave won’t heat up

When your microwave doesn’t heat up, there can be quite a few reasons. Any microwave components involved are involved in the heating process, so a malfunction in one of them results in no heat in the microwave.

  • The multiplier has failed. The assembly that is responsible for increasing the supply voltage of the magnetron, but at the same time reduces the current. This is necessary for microwave generation.
  • The transformer has failed. Designed to convert alternating current to power the magnetron, is a type of magnetron power source. Microwave Repair in North Park, CA will replace this part.
  • Faulty magnetron. The main element produces heating by producing microwaves.
  • Faulty control module. In microwave ovens with electronic control, all processes are led by the control module – the board. It is usually located just behind the front control panel. To the effects of voltage fluctuations, as well as intruders living inside the microwave.

Usually, if the control board malfunctions, the microwave will stop starting the heating process. But there are also times when the process has started, but there is no heating, because there is no power to one of the units involved in the heating. Contact the experts at North Park Microwave Repair, and they’ll fix the problem in no time.

Microwave won’t spin the plate

It’s quite common for a malfunction to occur. It is connected to either the same control module or the plate motor. The most expensive microwave operates without spinning plates. The process is a little different than the normal process of uniform microwave spraying.

But mostly, of course, a faulty stove motor causes the problem of uneven heating of food. It’s easy to get to the motor when you disassemble the underside of the cabinet and check it by connecting the plus and minus to the outlet with wires. Microwave Repair in North Park, CA will repair this item.

Devices, just like people, need attention and care. Use your microwave the right way: only for its intended purpose and according to the instructions. Then the device will please you for a long-time work properly. Scheduled preventive maintenance of your microwave at Appliance Service Center by an experienced technician will be the right thing to do. North Park Microwave Repair and Service skilled technicians can identify the source of the problem and how to fix it, ensuring no permanent damage will occur.

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