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Ice Maker Repair in Ramona

These days, it’s hard to imagine a supermarket, cafe, bar, or restaurant without food ice. Ice makers are quite in demand today. But like any technique, even reliable equipment can break down. Since 2001, Appliance Service Center has provided a full spectrum of repair and maintenance services for household and commercial equipment. By ordering emergency Ice Maker Repair in Ramona, CA you are guaranteed quality, promptness, and a personalized approach.

The operating principle of all ice makers varies depending on the capacity and shape of the ice you get. But in general, it consists in getting drinking water in the evaporator, where it is frozen on the walls. And further separation from the molds by heating with special knives or hot steam.

When it is necessary to call a master

If you notice the following problems, do not put off calling the master for Ramona Ice Maker Repair.

  • Ice is delivered in the wrong shape.
  • You set the necessary amount of ice, but at the output you get a very minimal amount.
  • After the ice begins to melt, too much water is formed.

Both the quality of the water used and the condition of the cooling unit itself can affect the runtime of this equipment. Using dirty and hard water makes the water filters unusable.

Also, ice makers are very sensitive to transportation and movement. It is better not to move them around to avoid the cracking of the thin copper tubes which affects the functionality of the equipment. Professional Ice Maker Repair in Ramona, CA begins with having the unit diagnosed by a qualified technician who will determine the cause of the breakdown.

The repair may include cleaning the filter, nozzles, condenser and drain system. As well as diagnose the tightness of the refrigeration circuit and control the main working processes, flushing the condensers. Subject to replacement may be the following components: pump, thermostat, solenoid valve, programmer, capillary tubes, filters, dryer, charging freon, and other work. Our technicians will pinpoint the cause and promptly perform Ramona Ice Maker Repairs.

Not always the incorrect operation of the ice maker requires repair in the understanding of the replacement parts. Sometimes it is enough to perform technical maintenance – mechanical cleaning or removal of lime deposits. And the ice machine will start working correctly.

Possible causes of ice maker breakdowns are due to malfunction of the control unit, fan motors, thermostats, and valves. Because lime scale is formed by water, which disrupts the operation of all parts of the ice making system. It is better to entrust the service to an Ice Maker Repair in Ramona, CA specialist.

Let’s look at the ice maker problems and their causes

  • Irregularly shaped ice cubes

This is one of the most common problems that people come to our center with. When this is a problem, you need to exclude an excessive water flow or, on the contrary, an insufficiently strong water flow.

  • Freon leakage

As a result, the equipment is unstable, and the compressor starts to run at full speed and at full capacity.

  • Failure of a control unit

The control unit is the brains of any technique. There is only one way out – to call a master Ramona Ice Maker Repair.

  • Wear and tear of the compressor

In this case, the technician does not work, and if it works, it does not produce a cold. The compressor must be replaced with a new one.

  • Failure of the water inlet valve

If the water inlet valve is defective or has insufficient pressure, it will not let water through. As a result, the ice maker will not make ice.

  • Breakdown of the ice level control board

In this case, if the ice level control board is not working, the ice maker will stop making ice. A technician will pinpoint the breakdown and perform Ice Maker Repair in Ramona, CA.

  • Clogged water filters

A general decline in equipment performance indicates that it’s time to change the filter. The unit freezes worse and is not as productive.

To avoid the appearance of various malfunctions of the ice maker, you need to carefully follow the advice of the equipment manufacturer. Then the unit will last much longer. But if a breakdown does occur, Appliance Service Center is your reliable helper. Our Ramona Ice Maker Repair and Service technicians will get your appliance back in working order quickly, efficiently and with a warranty.

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