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Freezer Repair in Downtown San Diego

Modern freezers are innovative equipment with excellent performance, reliable operation and a variety of designs. However, even the most powerful freezer occasionally has problems. That is why freezer repair is so relevant these days. Appliance Service Center is a professional service center that specializes in service and repair of various home appliances. Our technicians will have no trouble quickly determining the cause of the breakdown and just as quickly performing Freezer Repair in Downtown San Diego, CA.

Freezers are associated with high compressor loads and therefore require quality maintenance. In fact, it is more advisable to have a routine Downtown San Diego Freezer Repair.

Repair of freezers should be carried out as quickly as possible, because thawed food is not subject to re-freezing. We have several teams of engineers working to make repairs faster. Each team is equipped with all modern tools for rapid detection of problems and repair at the customer’s site. With state-of-the-art tools and all parts available for Freezer Repair in Downtown San Diego, CA, it takes us only a few hours.

We service and repair all well-known brands and models of freezers. But in order to avoid serious problems with such an expensive appliance, you should have it inspected regularly. You can entrust such work to our Downtown San Diego Freezer Repairs specialists. Since it’s a job for professional technicians

Freezer repairs

Repairs begin with a complete diagnosis of the equipment. The engineer measures the currents of the compressor windings, the freon pressure in the system, and diagnoses the elements of automation. And after that a list of troubleshooting works is made.

The most expensive repair of the freezer is needed if in the system it is necessary to change the burned-out compressor. The lowest cost will be if the master called as soon as the technique has ceased to give the necessary temperature mode. Most likely Freezer Repair in Downtown San Diego, CA will consist of cleaning the condenser, refilling the freon, adjusting the electronic controller or thermostatic expansion valve.

Basic freezer repair work

  • Replacing the refrigeration compressor.

The main thing is not just to replace the burnt-out compressor with a new one, but also to make a number of additional works. It is necessary to install an antacid filter and a filter-drier, thus it is possible to protect the system from breakdowns in the future. The freezer needs to be charged with quality freon and brought up to the desired mode, only after that Downtown San Diego Freezer Repair can be considered complete.

  • Freezer electronic controller replacement.

To replace the parts that have gone out, we only use brand-name components. They last longer, and most importantly they fit your appliances perfectly.

  • Solenoid valve replacement.

Repair of freezers with the need to replace the solenoid valve is carried out when the liquid refrigerant does not come into the evaporator. This can be due to a sticking rod in the solenoid valve coil. This kind of Freezer Repair in Downtown San Diego, CA will take about an hour to fully restore the equipment.

  • Thermostatic valve replacement.

It is a fairly rare practice, due to the long life of this element of the automatics. More often freezers need thermostatic expansion valve adjustment when transferring the chamber from a lower load in the wintertime to work in the summertime. If less freon enters the evaporator than necessary, the freezer will not produce the desired temperature.

And if too much, the evaporators will be quickly covered with a layer of ice which will interfere with heat exchange. That is why it is so important to perform scheduled maintenance of freezers and blast chambers in the course of which all elements are regulated in the normal mode.

Repair of chest freezers and blast chambers always includes inspection of blower motors, cleaning of air-cooling condensers, and checking for microcracks. All of these activities are aimed at prolonging the life of freezers.

Appliance Service Center technicians work quickly and efficiently. We have our own parts warehouse, state-of-the-art equipment, and years of experience. Our engineers will come to your facility and perform quality and fast Downtown San Diego Freezer Repair and Service at a great price.

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