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Cooktop Repair in Point Loma

Many people began to abandon gas stoves in favor of electric cooktops. But modern electric cooktops have one small disadvantage – a shorter service life due to the relative complexity and fragility of the internal system. Our Appliance Service Center specialists perform Cooktop Repair in Point Loma at home or in the service center shop.

Design features and types of electric cooktops

  • Electric burner or more.
  • Pairs of temperature sensors.
  • Power wiring.
  • Glass ceramic (if we are talking about modern electric cooktops).
  • The control panel with which all the processes and programs of the electric cooktops are regulated.
  • Insulating materials.
  • The power cables.

Types of breakdowns and their signs

Here are the most common types of breakdowns with brief descriptions, so that you can independently determine the type of failure.

One or more burners do not heat

If one or more burners are not working, the problem may be the following:

  • Wiring or contacts.
  • Control unit (the firmware has malfunctioned or there has been a software failure). Call a master specializing in Point Loma Cooktop Repair.
  • Burner power regulator.
  • The problem may also be in the burner itself.
  • You can check the wiring and contact yourself if you have the proper knowledge and gauges.

Problems with the control box, power regulator, or the burner itself can only be fixed by a master Cooktop Repair in Point Loma, CA.

Electric cooktops won’t turn on

  • Socket, plug and power cord. Sometimes the problem is with the outlet or plug.
  • Terminals. Sometimes the contacts can melt due to voltage fluctuations.
  • Thermal fuse. Point Loma Cooktop Repairs will perform the repair professionally.
  • Control unit (software failure, control board failure).
  • Touch control board does not work (relevant for plates that have this board).

If the cooktops have stopped turning on, the only thing you can do yourself is to check the integrity of the cable, plug and socket. Other breakdowns require the intervention of a qualified Cooktop Repair in Point Loma, CA.

Touch control does not respond

The cause is either the touch card or the control box. If the touch card is not working, it most likely needs to be replaced. And the control box needs to be checked for software errors, broken tracks, or burned-out radio components. Point Loma Cooktop Repair will solve the problem at the owner’s site.

Burner heats up without stopping

The cause is in the distribution box. Both software failures and physical damage are possible. But often, the problem is a sticky burner relay that is in the box. Cooktop Repair in Point Loma, CA will perform a replacement control box.

If you notice an abnormality in the operation of your electric cooktops, or the unit has completely stopped turning on, we recommend calling a technician from the Appliance Service Center right away. Often the repair of electric cooktops is reduced to the replacement of this or that part, so an independent repair is undesirable. Our Point Loma Cooktop Repair and Service technicians can determine the source of the problem and how to fix it.

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