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Avanti Freezer Repair

People who prefer to buy their appliances from trusted and reputable companies don’t need repairs as often, but it gets more complicated when the warranty period ends or if the official service center is far away and it takes a long time to get there. At Appliance Service Center, we believe that people who choose premium electronics should also receive quality service, so we offer only the best Avanti Freezer Repair in San Diego County.

Why this company? 

Our service center has been providing Avanti Freezer Repair and Service since 2001. Our technicians have 20 or more years of experience. Each employee is highly specialized in servicing specific brands, models of equipment. 

Get a free consultation at the phone numbers listed. Questions are answered by the qualified master who will show the reasons for typical breakages. Make an application for diagnostics and departure of a specialist.

Our service center uses new spare parts and components for Avanti Freezer Repairs. We cooperate with official dealers and trusted suppliers. Upon customer request we install original spare parts or inexpensive analogues. The spare parts have a manufacturer’s warranty. 

Our advantages: 

  • We perform Avanti Freezer Repair and Service at home. Our technicians are in each area of the city and are promptly on site.
  • We provide a warranty on repairs and parts.
  • Pre-calculate the cost. The client does not have to pay more than this price.
  • We agree upon the master’s arrival time. We will come at the right time for the client.
  • We carry out all kinds of Avanti Freezer Repair at home (including overhaul).

The main malfunctions 

Wear and tear of the gaskets on the doors

This problem occurs most often in freezers used in stores, cafes, and warehouses. Because of frequent opening and closing of the doors, the rubber gaskets get abraded, cracked and delaminated. As a result, the chamber does not close hermetically. 

In this case, the freezer works in intensive mode, while the chamber does not cool down sufficiently due to the leakage of cooled air. In addition, inside the freezing chamber appears frosting due to the formation of condensation inside. This is fraught with breakdown of the compressor motor, failure of the control electronics and other problems. 

If the rubber seals on the doors are worn out, and the freezer closes loosely, they must be replaced as soon as possible. Such work is done quickly, and their price is low.

The equipment works, but weakly cools the freezer compartment

The causes may be a malfunction or improper setting of the thermostat. If the freezer cools well, but the temperature in the refrigerating chamber is higher than optimal, it is possible that freon leaks, which must be refilled. Only an Avanti Freezer Repairs and Services technician can handle this problem. 

Freezer compartment frosting

This problem occurs when the thermostat relay is malfunctioning. The same breakdown can cause frost and ice to freeze on the back wall of the freezer compartment.

Starting relay is defective

Similarly, the freezer will not give the required temperature in case the starting relay of the motor-compressor has failed. When you unwrap the freezer, you will see two barrels – the compressors. If one of them is completely cold, there is a problem with the compressor starting. For Avanti Freezer Repair, contact a professional only. 

Faulty compressor motor

The motor cannot start also in case of problems with the primary winding. Unfortunately, the repair of such a breakdown is not provided by the compressor manufacturers. There is no possibility of its disassembly. 

Thermostat is defective

In freezers with mechanical control, manufacturers often install two thermostats, one for the freezer and one for the refrigerator compartment. If the thermostat of the freezer is defective, the compressor will start very seldom or will not start at all. Consequently, the freezer will not cool well or will not freeze at all.

Appliance Service Center is available to you 24/7 at the highest quality and most affordable price! All you have to do is call for Avanti Freezer Repair and Service or leave a request on our website, and the perfect solution will be here in no time!

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We repair breakdowns of any complexity on the spot and provide a long-term guarantee.

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We use only professional equipment and tools, original spare parts, and high-quality consumables. Our technicians have 20 years of experience working with all types of household appliances from well-known brands. Specialists constantly improve their skills to provide you with high-quality services.

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We offer the best prices and favorable discounts for household appliance repair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you experiencing problems with your freezer and don’t know what to do? Contact us on our hotline or read the answers from the experts on our website.

It’s a pretty common breakdown. Probably worn-out components of the compressor motor, motor winding is broken (you can smell the burning), the starting protection relay is out of order. The relay is responsible for starting and timely switching off of the compressor. At an excessive load on the motor, its complete failure is possible. If you notice any abnormalities in the operation of your freezer – do not delay in calling an Avanti Freezer Repair technician.

Whistling or hissing noises are a sign of a Freon leak. Visual inspection allows you to determine if there are leaks at the solder areas of the copper tubes. In these areas, as a rule, icing is formed, which is difficult not to notice. It is not necessary to exclude Freon leakage, when there was mechanical damage to the freezer chamber with a sharp object. An Avanti Freezer Repair technician will fix the leak and make up for the lack of Freon in the system.

It is very important to defrost your freezer in a timely manner. This will greatly extend the life of your freezer. If you don’t defrost the freezer for too long, excess ice can cause the door to the freezer compartment to stop closing. And this in turn leads to an increased load on the compressor. If you don’t want to call an Avanti Freezer Repair professional early, keep your freezer compartment clean.