Error E10 usually occurs in Electrolux machines at the beginning of the cycle. In this case, the washing machine does not draw water. Rarely, the error lights up before the rinse: the washing proceeds normally in this case, and during the rinse, the machine does not fill with water and gives the code E10.

Error interpretation

Error E10 means that there are problems with the water inlet: the machine can not draw water or the water comes into the tank too slowly.

Error E10 – when you can fix it yourself

Error 10 in Electrolux does not always indicate a breakdown of the washing machine. Here are the causes of the error, which you can cope with on your own.

1. Weak set in the water supply or there is no water at all. Check the pressure in the tap. If the water pressure is low or there is no water at all, contact your property manager.
2. The filling hose is kinked or pinched.  Inspect the fill hose for kinks or bends. If kinks exist, straighten them.
3. The water shutoff valve in the machine is blocked. Check to see if the valve is fully open. If it is closed or not all the way open, turn it to the fully open position.
4. The strainer-filter inlet valve is clogged. The strainer traps impurities in the tap water. If it is clogged, the pressure of incoming water will be weak.
5. You may need to clean the filter yourself or order a filter cleaning service.
6. Self-draining water due to improper installation of the washing machine. If the entire drain hose is located below the level of the tank, the water will escape from the machine by gravity. Connect the washing machine drain according to the instructions: yourself or by ordering our washing machine installation service.
7. One-time failure of the control module. Perhaps the control board just “hangs”. Disconnect the washing machine from the mains for 10-15 minutes, then plug it in again. The board will probably reboot and the error will disappear by itself.

Possible faults that require repair

E10 is a frequent error in Electrolux washing machines. Here are popular reasons that lead to it.

1. Water supply valve
The valve consists of the body, membrane, and solenoid coil, which opens the membrane: this is how water enters the washer. Most often, the coil burns out and the valve stops opening.
Modern models of Electrolux washing machines are equipped with valves in two sections. One is responsible for water intake for washing, and the second – is for rinsing. If your washing machine has a double valve, it is possible that only one section is broken. In this case, the water is poured for washing, but not taken in during the rinse, and vice versa.

2. Control unit
Probably burned out tracks or radio elements in the circuit of the water valve.

3. Level sensor
It is probable that the sensor is “stuck” in the “no water in tank” position. This is causing the washer to fail to detect the water level in the tank correctly and gives an alarm code.

4. Damage to the wiring and/or contacts in the water inlet valve circuit
There is no signal from the valve, so the machine gives an error.
Wiring is chafed by vibration, and contacts are rotten or burned out. In private homes, mice damage the wiring.

If your Electrolux washing machine gives error E10 and won’t wash, contact an appliance repair service in San Diego County. We have top-notch technicians with years of repair experience at your service. Call or book your service.

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