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Avanti Washing Machine Repair

Almost every person in his or her own home has a household appliance that greatly saves time and effort. This includes the washing machine, which is used daily and quite often. Of course, over time, all devices malfunction, in these situations, you can contact the Appliance Service Center. The best option for solving complex problems in the repair of washing machines is a team of professionals Avanti Washing Repair in San Diego County which is engaged in repairing both household and other appliances.

Let’s take a look at major washing machine malfunctions

Troubleshooting by information codes

Modern washing machines are equipped with electronic control units, which can locate damage and display information about the presence of a particular problem in the form of a code. The list of the main washer malfunctions and the corresponding information codes are usually found in the service manuals. Our repairmen at Avanti Washing Repair and Service will make a diagnosis of your machine.

The washing machine won’t turn on

This breakdown is one of the most common. The washer is connected to the socket, but when you press the power button, or any other button does not start the machine (at the same time the indicators of the machine can be both lit and not lit). Avanti Washing Repairs professional technicians will fix this problem in no time.

Noise, squealing, humming and other sounds when spinning

The causes of breakdown of washing machines in this case can be several: Between the drum and the tank is stuck a small object, for example, dropped out of a pocket of clothes. Also, often the cause of the noise is the bones from bras. If the noise appears when draining water from the tank, the causes may be a clogged drain pump or wear of its impeller.  If the machine tilts from side to side, it means it is not properly installed. 

To ensure stability, you need to align the washing machine by turning all the legs. Our craftsmen specializing in Avanti Washing Repair and Service will remove the clog when you contact our company.

The water in the tank is not heating

This is quite a common breakdown of the washing machine. One of the main reasons is the formation of scale on the surface of the heating element due to hard tap water, rich in calcium and magnesium salts. We have professional Avanti Washing Repair electrical technicians who will fix this problem in no time.

The drum does not rotate

In this case, the causes of malfunction may be as follows: the drive belt has torn or come off the drum pulley; the control module responsible for the electric motor has malfunctioned; the electric motor is defective; a large object has entered the space between the drum and the drum, which has jammed the drum; the bearing on the drum axle has become deformed. Our customers prefer to call Avanti Washing Repairs and Services at home and have their appliances repaired.

The control unit has malfunctioned

Such breakdowns of washing machines are the most difficult in terms of repair. There may be many reasons for malfunctioning: 

  • Water got on the board tracks or contacts of connectors, causing a short circuit, one of the traces, controlling the motor, heating elements, pump, or other mechanisms of the washing machine is defective; 
  • One of the chips of a reprogrammable memory device, which provides programs for washing machines, has broken down. 

In our company we have professional experts in Avanti Washing Repair, and they will replace the control unit very quickly.

Any washing machine, even with timely cleaning and preventive inspection, cannot last forever. The only thing you can do for it, trust the experts at Appliance Service Center to solve the problems. This requires a number of preventive measures so that your helper will serve you for a long time. More serious breakdowns, for which the washing machine cannot function, it is advisable to carry out with the help of Avanti Washing Repair and Service.

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Causes of washer breakdowns can vary and depend on the nature of the breakdown. Electronic problems can occur as a result of moisture or power surges, causing the control module to fail. Mechanical causes are usually related to improper use of the equipment, as well as wear and tear of parts over time. Our company offers Avanti Washer Repair for all types of breakdowns, using only genuine parts.

In order to prevent washing machine breakdowns, you need to follow a proper operating regimen. It is recommended to use special detergents and rinses, as well as to regularly clean and degrease the internal elements of the machine.

All work performed by our technicians at Avanti Washer Repair comes with a 12-month warranty. The warranty period allows our customers to have confidence in the quality of our service and trust our professionals.