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Frigidaire Washing Machine Repair

Full operation of the washing machine is provided by parts assembled at the manufacturer’s factory. Often the culprits of problems with the washing machine are the owners who do not follow the manufacturer’s basic recommendations for the operation and care of the washing machine. In situations where the machine is out of order you can contact the proven specialists in the Appliance Service Center. Our company has been working since 2001. The best option for solving complex problems in washing machine repair is the team of professionals at Frigidaire Washing Repair in San Diego County.

We’ve compiled a list of the malfunctions that experts believe most often cause washing machines to stop.

The most common causes of washing machine breakdowns are:

Drain pump malfunction

During washing, the washing machine stops. Water is not drained, and the scoreboard displays errors with a code. The cause of the failure can be blockage of the drain pump by an object that got together with water from the tank or the failure of the pump motor or the destruction of the impeller. In case of clogging, it is enough to disassemble and clean the pump, and in case of breakage – replace the faulty pump. Masters specializing in Frigidaire Washing Repair and Service will fix this problem.

Breakdown of the control board

One of the most unpleasant and complicated in the repair of the breakage is considered the failure of the control board (electronic controller). The cause of failure is usually a sudden surge in voltage in the electrical system, or moisture penetration into the electronic “stuffing” unit. 

Externally, this failure of the washing machine manifests itself by frequent failures during the washing process or spontaneous stops of the programs. Sometimes the washing machine simply does not start. To check the components of the control board is possible only if you have special equipment and sufficient expertise. Often it is necessary to change the entire board. Our company has professional Frigidaire Washing Repairs, and they will fix the problem very quickly.

Failure of the heating element

When the heating element fails, the washing machine does not heat water, takes a long time washing and does not go into rinse mode. On the scoreboard the symbols of failure are displayed. Sometimes the washing machine knocks out the plugs. The cause of breakdown of the heating element is most often water with a high content of salts or minerals, particles of fabrics, threads and other dirt that settle on the surface of the heating element, worsening the heat transfer. As a result, it overheats and fails. Frigidaire Washing Repair and Service professional electricians will fix this problem in no time.

Bearing wear and tear or deterioration

Over time, the oil seal loses its properties and water gets on the bearings and destroys them. This causes the drum to rotate ever tighter, and, over time, it cannot be turned. The machine at first stops spinning things, and eventually does not start at all. Replacing the bearings is a time-consuming operation that requires complete disassembly of the appliance. Therefore, the repair of the washing machine in such cases is best performed by Frigidaire Washing Repair.

Damage associated with the belt drive

If the automatic machine hums, but the drum does not begin to rotate, or the problems begin during the transition to the spin mode, the culprit of the problem is certainly the drive belt, which has come off or stretched. To replace it, it is enough to remove the rear (for front models) or side (for vertical models) walls. If the belt comes off constantly, the bearings on which the drum is fastened may be worn. We have professional Frigidaire Washing Repairs and Services, and they will fix this problem very quickly.

Electric Motor Failure

 Not only can there be broken or shorted windings in the motor, but the manifold lamellae can also be destroyed. Usually, the motor must be replaced to correct the problem. Frigidaire Washing Repair specialists will replace this assembly in no time.

All manufacturers tend to minimize the size of their washing machines, compacting all the nodes in a small package. Because of this, in order to get to, for example, the bearing unit, you need to disassemble the entire machine. There are many small breakages, which additionally create serious problems in using the product. If you can’t do the repair yourself, call the Appliance Service Center specialists. More serious breakdowns that make the washing machine unable to function should preferably be handled by Frigidaire Washing Repair and Service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Possible causes may include power failures, damaged power cord, electronics or microprocessor problems, broken control buttons, or a malfunctioning door lock. 

To determine what the causes may be in your case, it is best to contact a Frigidaire Washer Repair professional who will diagnose and tell you what repairs need to be made.  

We accept a variety of payment methods for washing machine repairs. Our main payment methods include cash, bank cards, e-money, and cashless payment is also possible. In addition, we guarantee transparency and reliability of all financial transactions related to Frigidaire Washer Repair. 

One of the main reasons is a broken water valve. Another reason could be a faulty water level sensor, which is responsible for controlling the water level in the washer’s tank. We recommend contacting our Frigidaire Washer Repair technician, who will perform a diagnosis and tell you what repairs need to be done.