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Maytag Oven Repair

Oven-oven, without a doubt, is a great helper for every housewife. Food baked in the oven is delicious, flavorful and retains its useful properties. Therefore, when such an indispensable thing fails, you need high efficiency in restoring its work. We offer to trust the Appliance Service Center to carry out repair works in the specified terms and not only. Our team of craftsmen Maytag Oven Repair in San Diego County will carry out quality repair of your equipment.

Our company was founded in 2001. Our Maytag Oven Repair and Service technicians have over 20 years of experience. 

Oven problems and malfunctions

Programs won’t start

An electronically controlled oven can have a problem with the software. If the oven switches on or off by itself, starts an incorrect program, or displays an error message, try to solve the problem yourself in one of two ways.

  • Unplug the oven by unplugging it, wait a few minutes and plug it back in.
  • Study the restart instructions in the owner’s manual. The restart method may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

If nothing works, contact Maytag Oven Repairs. The wizard will adjust the software or reinstall it. If this problem occurs frequently, the cause may be voltage fluctuations. Get an electrician to check the electrical box and fuses to make sure they are working properly. Ask a handyman to take a look at the socket the oven is plugged into to make sure it is working properly and is safe.

Oven not heating or overheating

If the air in your oven isn’t getting to the right temperature or, conversely, is overheating, your thermostat is probably out of order. It is a device that closes contacts to make the oven hot and opens them when the desired temperature is reached. It is better to trust a Maytag Oven Repair and Service technician to solve this problem. A specialist will open the case, check the state of the contacts, and, if necessary, replace the faulty parts.

Unevenly baked food

The fan built into the cabinet is responsible for the uniform distribution of hot air inside the oven. Breakdown is defined simply: if at switching on air circulation mode no noise of rotating blades can be heard – the fan is defective. This happens most often due to the burnout of the motor winding. You will not be able to replace it yourself – it is better to entrust the complex repair to a specialist of Maytag Oven Repair. 

No appetizing crust on the top or bottom

The most common reason this happens is because the heating element at the top or bottom of the oven is broken. To determine which one it is, turn on the oven in the top-bottom heating mode and set the oven to medium temperature. When the oven heats up, run your hand near both elements without touching them. If one of them is cold, it will need to be replaced. To fix the problem, contact Maytag Oven Repairs and Services or call a technician.

Hot air is coming out of the oven

If the oven gets very hot when it’s running, or if you feel hot when you’re near the appliance, check the door for leaks. Old appliances with worn seals can let hot air in. As a result, due to poor adherence of the door to the body, will increase energy consumption (and, accordingly, the bills for it). After all, in order to maintain the desired temperature, the heating element will be constantly heated.

Open the oven, inspect the gasket (rubber band around the perimeter). If it has thinned, it must be replaced. Knowing the company and model name, you can order the original part from the manufacturer. The second option – take the old one and go with it to a specialized store to pick up a model of the same size. If even this did not help, contact Maytag Oven Repair.

Unfortunately, you can run into any of these causes, from a worn gasket to a broken thermostat. The most common cause, however, is a problem with the heating element. Almost all oven manufacturers suffer from this problem. Therefore, buying an expensive model is not an insurance against such malfunctions. 

To protect an electric or gas oven, there is only one way: by following the rules of operation. And most importantly: do not try to repair appliances yourself, if you do not have practical or theoretical experience in this field, ask for help in the Appliance Service Center. Our Maytag Oven Repair and Service technicians are ready to advise you on the right parts for your oven.

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Typically, the following steps are required to replace the grill:

  • Unplug the oven from the electrical outlet.
  • Remove the old grill.
  • Disconnect the wires from the old grill.
  • Install the new grill on the mount.
  • Check that the grill is properly secured and not moving.
  • Reconnect the oven back to the electrical outlet and test the new grill.

If you’re unsure of your abilities, it’s best to get help from our Maytag Oven Repair Center.

Our professionals have all the necessary licenses and certifications to perform Maytag Oven Repair, including:

  • License to perform appliance repair and maintenance.
  • Diplomas and certificates for technicians trained and certified to repair ovens.

Here are a few steps that can help fix this problem:

  • Check that the oven door is tightly closed.
  • Make sure the oven is properly installed and securely fastened. 
  • Clean the oven regularly and use it properly.