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Air conditioner is not a luxury, but a modern means of comfort. In the hot season of the year, it is a pleasant coolness. Unfortunately, quite often the owners of this equipment must deal with situations when the device refuses to work. Most often such troubles occur at the most inappropriate moments. You can order a comprehensive air conditioner repair service at our Appliance Service Center. Our York Air Conditioner Repair in San Diego County technicians will fix the breakdown in no time.

Types of air conditioner breakdowns

All air conditioner breakdowns can be divided into two types:

  • Mechanical. These are associated with malfunctions of the internal mechanisms of the split system.
  • Electrical. They relate to the failures in the work of electronics.

Even not having a special preparation and special knowledge, an owner of technique himself will understand that conditioner is broken, according to these signs:

  • Leakage of water from the internal unit is noticed.
  • When the system is on, the temperature in the room remains unchanged for a long time – the conditioner does not cool or warm air.
  • The air conditioner switches off spontaneously, although no commands were received.
  • The split system stopped responding to the signals from the remote control.

These four problems are most often met. Sometimes the owners of air conditioners have to observe the stoppage of compressor and fans work. In any case, call for York Air Conditioner Repair and Service right away.

Reasons most often why the air conditioner does not turn on

Batteries on the remote control are out of order

This is the first thing a system owner can check before calling a technician. To exclude the loss of functioning of remote control you should make a control start by mechanic way from the inside unit.

No power supply

This problem is not less common, so it is worth checking the power in the socket with the help of a meter, indicator or other device working from the mains by plugging it into this socket. Our York Air Conditioner Repairs electricians will fix the breakdowns quickly.

Protection trips

This can happen because of the compressor overheating, increased current, or increased pressure in the cooling circuit. The causes of the malfunction can most often be seen on the remote or display. York Air Conditioner Repair and Service climate control specialists will handle all breakdowns of your air conditioner’s indoor unit.

Control module is out of order

If your air conditioner doesn’t show signs of “life” when turned on, then the cause of the malfunction should be sought in the electrical module and you can’t do without the help of a York Air Conditioner Repair technician.

Air Conditioner is not working in a cold season

Most air conditioners provide operation in temperature conditions from negative to plus. For the unit to work smoothly in cold weather, you need to prepare it. Otherwise, the condensate produced during the cooling process will not be released from the system due to freezing. This water will end up in the room where the air conditioner is placed.

Why you should call the professionals when your air conditioner breaks down:

  • York Air Conditioner Repairs and Services technicians have all the equipment and tools they need to diagnose and fix the cause of the problem.
  • Provide quick access to replacement parts and system components (both originals and imitators).
  • They work directly with the suppliers of spare parts for split systems, so the client does not have to pay extra for the services of intermediaries.
  • York Air Conditioner Repair technicians specialize in this issue, so they are experienced in identifying the causes of faults.
  • They are financially responsible for the work done.
  • They give a warranty on their work, as well as on the spare parts that were to be replaced during the air conditioner repair.
  • During repair, diagnose the work of the entire system.

Contact our Appliance Service Center for quality air conditioner repair. The professionals at York Air Conditioner Repair and Service specialize in these tasks, and your split system will last a long time after repair. After all, even a seemingly insignificant detail can tell you that your air conditioner needs preventive maintenance. And noticed in time malfunctions will help to avoid a global air conditioner repair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers from specialists with many years of successful experience in repair and maintenance of air conditioners of all well-known brands and models.

You should trust the specialized center, which is trusted by the manufacturers of equipment themselves. There are a lot of ads and offers on the Internet, but not everyone will be able to offer you what we offer. We have over 20 years experience in repair and service. We have a state-of-the-art approach to diagnostics and York Air Conditioner Repair. We use only genuine parts in our work and offer a 3-month warranty. 

Our company provides a wide range of air conditioner maintenance and York Air Conditioner Repair services. With us you can safely order the following work:

  • Urgent air conditioning repair.
  • Maintenance of air conditioners.
  • Tune up work.
  • Installation and dismantling of equipment.

Servicing and repairing your beloved and expensive air conditioner should not be entrusted to someone who is not trustworthy. Every one of our technicians is licensed and certified to perform service and York Air Conditioner Repair. Most of our technicians have over 20 years of experience. The experience and skills of our craftsmen are trustworthy, and that is evidenced by the grateful feedback from our customers.