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Ruud Air Conditioner Repair

The number of air conditioners is constantly increasing, and their functionality is becoming more and more extensive. However, each new feature makes the design of the equipment more complex and additional parts are added that can fail. When choosing a service center, we recommend contacting the Appliance Service Center. The technicians at Ruud Air Conditioner Repair in San Diego County are continually trained at the manufacturer’s best training centers and always have the necessary tools, gadgets, and equipment with them, which speeds up the troubleshooting and repair process itself. 

The main air conditioner malfunctions

The modern models of split-systems manufacturers have an effective system of self-diagnosis, which, if any dangerous failure or malfunction is detected, stops the air conditioner, and displays a so-called error code. 

By deciphering it, you can find out the reason for stopping the unit. In models without a display, the code is shown as flashing, lit and extinguished indicators on the front panel of the indoor unit or on the display of the remote control. 

The control controller determines the failure of air conditioners based on the readings of the internal sensors of the equipment, but without considering external manifestations, which does not always prove to be an accurate “diagnosis”. Our masters at Ruud Air Conditioner Repair and Service, combining information received in the form of error code and external signs, always accurately identify the defective unit and in most cases even a part.

Burnt out air conditioner: what to do?

Before you call a Ruud Air Conditioner Repairs technician or try to troubleshoot your air conditioner yourself, you need to make sure that the actual problem is in the equipment and not external factors. 

  • Therefore, check first:
  • The presence of electricity in the electrical outlet (you can use a known working electrical appliance).
  • Correctness of setting of split-system’s mode and the right temperature in your room.
  • State of filters (if needed open the lid, take them out of the indoor unit and wash them with no hot water).

Usually, users first pay attention to the condition of the room unit: how it behaves in this or that mode and what kind of unusual signs appear after finding out the conditioner breakage. 

If the split system starts up, the blower turns on, but the room does not cool

Make sure that the motor-compressor unit is functioning (usually you can hear a hum and feel a slight vibration from the outside module). If it’s running almost continuously (sometimes it’s turned off by the thermal protection), there’s probably not enough refrigerant in the circuit. To find the location of the leak, seal the circuit and charge it with freon, you need to call a Ruud Air Conditioner Repair and Service technician.

In cases when the compressor of the air conditioner is not working

There can be many reasons and it is impossible to identify exactly one of them without additional diagnostics by Ruud Air Conditioner Repair. The culprits of the problem are most often the following air conditioner malfunctions.

  • Breakage, “drying out” or loss of capacitance of the starting capacitor of the motor-compressor.
  • Oxidation and burnout of contacts on the power terminals of the motor-compressor unit.
  • Parameters malfunction or breakage of temperature sensors.
  • Malfunction or breakdown in control controller.
  • Failure of the electric motor or mechanical components of the motor-compressor

The causes of leakage may be as follows: drainage problems (clogging, pipe damage or displacement, and also breakages in the condensate collecting system of the indoor unit) and also breakages that cause evaporator icing (insufficient refrigerant or evaporator surfaces contamination, clogged capillary part of the circuit, etc.). Call Ruud Air Conditioner Repairs and Services.

The main air conditioner malfunctions that cause the unit not to turn on are most often “hidden” in the remote control or IR receiver of the room module. To confirm this conjecture, you should try to turn on the split-system with the button on the panel of the indoor module. Do not postpone the visit of Ruud Air Conditioner Repair specialist for a long time, because long work of the motor-compressor without a break reduces the service life of both the unit itself and the whole split-system.

If you need help diagnosing or repairing your air conditioner, contact the Appliance Service Center. A Ruud Air Conditioner Repair and Service technician will come out to you and determine the type of problem and recommend the best way to fix it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about air conditioners on our website. If you can’t find the question you’re looking for, please contact us directly on our hotline. We work seven days a week.

There is a price list on the site of our service center. But more exact cost can be told by our masters after detailed diagnostics. We don’t charge for diagnosis if you choose to have Ruud Air Conditioner Repair done by us. Our prices are affordable for everyone. The price of the repair includes the work and the cost of accessories that may be needed during the work. We take the parts directly from the manufacturer, so they are at the lowest prices. And we charge exactly what it costs for the work.

Running all the time causes a lot of dust and moisture to build up on the fans and walls. This can cause a musty odor, which also negatively affects the user’s health. You can contact us with this problem. Ruud Air Conditioner Repair technicians will clean your air conditioner with a professional antiseptic agent and steam cleaner. A healthy microclimate is your health. 

If water starts dripping from your air conditioner, especially when it’s out of service, you should call Ruud Air Conditioner Repair. The split system may be worn out or the drainage system is severely clogged, or improper installation of the equipment has been done. A common cause of an overflowing drain system is an increased temperature drop. In wintertime the system works for heat, and in summer – vice versa, so the condensate should be removed from the system without obstacles by means of an external hose.