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Carrier Air Conditioner Repair

The air conditioner has become such an integral part of everyday life that we sometimes do not notice its work. Only unexpected climate discomfort in the apartment informs about the breakdown of such an important device. It is better to contact proven specialists at Appliance Service Center to perform the service at once. To avoid the origin of similar difficulties, repairs are performed by Carrier Air Conditioner Repair in San Diego County professionals.

Here are the possible causes of malfunctioning of the air conditioning equipment

  • For your air conditioner to function properly, you need to keep its filter clean and tidy. Filled with dirt and dust, it stops pumping air properly, causing the entire system to work “to the point of wear and tear.” Carrier Air Conditioner Repair and Service technicians provide warranty and post-warranty service.
  • During operation, the condenser (outdoor unit radiator) gradually gets clogged. It also gets clogged with dust and small particles of debris flying in the air. As they accumulate, they block this assembly, and the air conditioner ceases to perform its functions. Both the condenser and filter require regular cleaning, and the air conditioner itself requires service by Carrier Air Conditioner Repairs technicians.
  • The evaporator can also freeze. There are many reasons for this kind of trouble, from dirty heat exchanger or broken temperature sensor to improper operation. To prevent such a situation, you should have your unit serviced regularly by the Carrier Air Conditioner Repair and Service technicians at our service center.
  • The most common problem that air conditioner owners may encounter in the summertime is refrigerant leakage. For such a situation, there is one solution – you need to diagnose the causes of the leak, repair the breakdown, refill the refrigerant, and perform additional service. If you don’t have the skills and knowledge, it is better to contact Carrier Air Conditioner Repair specialists, who will correctly charge your air conditioner.
  • A dirty evaporator (indoor unit radiator) can lead to a decrease in the efficiency of your air conditioning equipment. This part of the unit should be preventively cleaned at least once a year.
  • The performance of some air conditioners directly depends on the serviceability of the thermostat. If the part is faulty, there will be a problem with the temperature control in the room. You can replace the thermostat yourself, but it’s better to trust a Carrier Air Conditioner Repairs and Services professional with a comprehensive diagnosis.
  • Improperly chosen size and power of split-system results in the fact that it is not able to service a certain area. It is also necessary to choose a conditioner comprehensively, taking into consideration not only the size of the premise, but also the number of people, illumination level and the number of appliances, radiating heat.
  • The batteries in the remote control are dead – yes, it happens: an inattentive user can overlook one of the simplest “failures”. That is why before calling the specialist for AC repair at home make sure that the remote control is functioning, and also if the power is coming to the system.
  • Breakage of the line during installation. A clear defect in the work of the installers can manifest itself in the form of a breakage of the freon tube. In the shortest time for the technique with a similar flaw can come irreversible sad consequences. Our company has Carrier Air Conditioner Repair specialists who will solve this problem when you contact us.
  • Delayed cold/heat switching. Caused by the need to change the direction of the freon in the other direction, which is made after the pressure is equalized, in order to avoid breakdown of the compressor.

Air conditioner repairs are on the list of services provided by our company Appliance Service Center. The main breakdowns of air conditioners, with which the users apply to the service center of our company, are related precisely to the illiterate service. Many of the problems can be fixed by Carrier Air Conditioner Repair and Service specialists, but there are also cases when the unit becomes completely unusable if customers do not apply in time to solve problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

During the operation of the air conditioner, you have questions and are looking for answers, but do not know who to turn to that you can trust? Then come to us! We have 20 years of successful experience in servicing and repairing home appliances.

A broken air conditioner needs to be repaired. There are quite a few reasons for a broken compressor. 

  • Dirty coil.
  • Clogged suction tubes.
  • Low freon level.
  • Improperly sized suction line.
  • Too much refrigerant.
  • Electrical problems.
  • Dirt in the system.
  • Not enough lube oil.

But whatever the reason, the only way out is to contact the experts at Carrier Air Conditioner Repair, so you save your time and extend the life of your unit.

It’s always a good idea to have the freon checked and the unit primed when you’re doing maintenance. This procedure should be done every two years. Leakage – often occurs due to a broken unit or improper installation. Do not exclude the natural reduction of freon approximately equal to 3% – 5%, depending on the models. After service and Carrier Air Conditioner Repair, specialists always refill the freon.

According to the carried out scientific research, it has been established that the qualitative conditioner is not dangerous even while working for a long time. But to be able to say with confidence that your air conditioner is working properly and consuming as much energy as possible, don’t ignore service from the experts at Carrier Air Conditioner Repair.