Signs You’re in of Need A Stove Repair

Have you been noticing your stove isn’t working properly? Is it not heating up enough, or overheating? Are the dials working properly? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re in need of a stove repair!

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San Diego Appliance Repair Company stove repairs

There are two types of stove ranges: electric (also known as flat, glass tops) or gas ranges. The two stoves work differently but they can still show a couple of the same signs when they are in need of repair.

Electric Ranges


Spotting the signs that your stove needs a repair can be tricky, so read this guide to see if you are in need of repair services!

Electric ranges are available with flat, glass stove tops, or metal coils. Both of these electric ranges will show different signs when they need to be repaired.

Flat Glass Top Stove

  • Cracks in glass tops
  • Control boards not working or displaying
  • Controls not working properly
  • Elements or burners not heating up
  • Elements or burners heating up too much
  • Smokes while on

Metal Coil Ranges

  • Burners are rusted or corroded
  • Burners not heating up
  • Burners heating up too much
  • Smokes while on

Importance of Repairs

Electric stove ranges give your kitchen a more modern feel. They are also easier to clean, and easier to repair. But this doesn’t mean you can put off repairs; a simple repair can save you from an expensive replacement.

If you notice cracks in your glass stovetop, call a technician right away. A small crack can easily become a large one, which will make your stove unuseable. If the dials or displays aren’t working, you can check your stove manual to see if you can make an adjustment yourself, or check to see if the wiring is loose. You can also call a technician to check the wiring for you if you are unsure how to do it.

If the elements aren’t heating up or are heating up too much, call a repair service to get internal parts looked at. Sometimes, a single part will break down, and can easily be replaced for an affordable price. However, putting the repair off could result in more expensive components malfunctioning, resulting in a higher repair cost for you. If you notice your elements are smoking, try giving them a quick clean; left over food is sometimes hard to notice and will burn when the stove is in use. If this doesn’t work, call a technician to take a look; if it’s not left over food it could be an internal problem. Remember, electric can just as easily start fires as gas ranges if not repaired right away.

Gas Ranges


  • Burners are rusted or corroded
  • Burners not heating up
  • Burners heating up too much
  • Smokes while on
  • Burners sparks when ignited
  • Burners won’t ignite at all
  • Only one burner is not working

Importance of Repairs

Gas stoves give your kitchen a traditional, professional look. If you prefer this type of range, you should take extra care in making sure that it is regularly maintained and repaired. Gas stove ranges should be repaired as soon as you notice any sign that the stove is not working properly. If left alone, a damaged gas stove can easily start a kitchen fire, or produce a carbon monoxide leak, both of which can be dangerous to you, your home, and your family.

If the burners are rusted or corroded, try cleaning them with soap and water to see if grime can be removed. If not, then they should be replaced. If your burners aren’t heating up enough or too much, check the wiring and see if has come loose or is damaged. The same goes for if you notice sparks, or if only one burner is not turning on. The wiring can easily be checked by a technician if you are unsure.

Why San Diego Appliance Repair Company for your Stove Repair?

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