DIY Viking Fridge Repair: Troubleshooting a Faulty Icemaker

Summer’s here, and so’s the heat, which is bad news if your Viking fridge’s ice maker is on the... Read More

DIY Kenmore Dishwasher Service: Nine Steps to Replace a Faulty Fuse

One thing our Kenmore dishwasher service experts have learned over the years is that an expired warranty is often... Read More

Five Common Problems With Electric Ovens And What to Do About Them

With so many advances in technology, you’d think your electric oven, such as the ones offered by Electrolux, would... Read More

Myth Debunking: Are Dishwashers or Hand Washing Cheaper?

Is your hydro bill getting so high, it’s bringing you down? With more restrictions on water and energy usage,... Read More

Thermador, Kenmore, and Viking Stove Repair: Universal Repair Tips

Stove and oven technology is advancing at a blinding speed, forcing many stove repair technicians to scramble to keep... Read More

Avoid Appliance Repairs with Five Easy Maintenance Strategies

We live in an era of luxury where we often take things for granted, and our dependence on modern... Read More

Signs You’re in of Need A Stove Repair

Have you been noticing your stove isn’t working properly? Is it not heating up enough, or overheating? Are the... Read More

Maintenance Tips For Your Kenmore Dishwasher

Did your Kenmore dishwasher just break down? If it did, don’t stress out; Kenmore is one of the dishwasher... Read More

Sub Zero Refridgerator Repair Guide

The purpose of a refrigerator is to make sure that your food is stored at safe and optimal temperatures.... Read More

Finding a Local San Diego Appliance Repairs

Are you in San Diego County and have found that one of your home appliances have stopped working or... Read More

Fridge Recycling Tips From The San Diego Appliance Repair Team

Everyone knows where and how to buy a refrigerator. Big home improvement stores bombard commercial airwaves with advertisements and... Read More

DIY San Diego Appliance Repair Tips: Troubleshooting Warm Fridges and Freezers

You open your fridge to find a shelf full of spoiled food sitting in a room-temperature appliance. Suddenly, somehow,... Read More

Trusted Kenmore Appliances and Repairs

Kenmore is a highly trusted and well loved brand of home appliances that has been sold by Sears since... Read More

Why Choose Our Company for Your Appliance Repair in San Diego County?

Searching for appliance repair in San Diego County can be difficult task, because there are so many options available.... Read More

Avoid Needing Appliance Repair in Point Loma With These Tips!

Needing appliance repairs is always a stressful situation. If you wish to avoid needing appliance repairs in Point Loma,... Read More
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