The temperature in your refrigerator has dropped noticeably, and you are trying to determine the cause of this phenomenon. A laudable aspiration, but not always effective, because usually, only a specialized specialist is able to detect and eliminate the software failure. However, in some situations, it is possible to manage on your own. Especially if the refrigerator does not freeze well because of a simple mechanical problem.   Is it worth ordering refrigerator repair immediately after the breakdown? After detecting the malfunction carefully examine the unit and try to find out what the reason for the increased temperature inside the device is. Perhaps someone from the family did not close the door tightly or placed the large-sized dishes to interfere with the closing of the unit. If this is the case, it is enough to correct such an unfortunate omission, and the temperature in the fridge compartment will gradually return to normal.   If the reason is not in banal inattention, then you will have to study the situation more carefully, and then decide whether you can fix the existing fault yourself or will have to invite an expert. Below we will consider the possible options for the development of events.   What can you do yourself if the refrigerator freezes badly? The first thing you need to check is the presence of the simplest causes of reducing the functionality of the unit. Among them:   The formation of a gap due to the warping of the door. In this case, warm air is constantly entering the unit, and therefore it seems that the refrigerator freezes badly. To get rid of the problem you can do it yourself. It is necessary to eliminate the found gap.   Wear and deformation of the sealing rubber. The situation and consequences are similar. Only the way of solving the problem differs – the careful replacement of the seal. You can perform such work yourself or by ordering refrigerator repair at a specialized organization.   Both of these actions require a minimum understanding of the structural features of the appliance, and therefore take little time, although they often require considerable physical effort.   In situations where the refrigerator freezes badly, initially it is necessary to consider a few typical malfunctions:   Freon leak. The first thing to do is to find the damaged area and fix the leak, and then add the right amount of freon to normalize the cooling system.   Compressor malfunction. Because of the malfunction of the motor, there may be a partial reduction in its capacity, which leads to a decrease in the level of cold in the refrigerating chamber. Repair or compressor replacement is required.   Breakdown of the temperature sensor. In this case, the sensor transmits incorrect information to the control module, due to which the system allocates too little power for cooling. The situation can be corrected by replacing the temperature sensor.   Capillary tubes are clogged. In this situation, ordering refrigerator repair is not necessary. It is enough to carefully remove the clogs and take care to ensure that the situation does not repeat in the future.   All of the above causes can lead to deterioration of the unit, but reliably determining the breakdown is possible only through professional diagnostics. Therefore, you should not try to solve the problem yourself. It is better to immediately call a master. This approach will save a lot of time and effort.   If you want to get quality results and save money, contact us. We carry out professional refrigerator repair in San Diego in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturers of this equipment. Turning to us, you will make the right choice. You can be sure about it.   Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]