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If the drum of your washing machine dangles during the spin cycle or wobbles when you swing it by hand when the machine is off, do not rush to worry. The washing machine drum is suspended from above on springs and rests at the bottom on shock absorbers, so the whole structure can move in three possible directions – up and down, right and left, and forward and back. Even if the drum wobbles a lot during spinning, it is not a disaster. Perhaps you simply overloaded the washer-dryer, and that is why it reacted with chatter. When to worry – additional signs The malfunction is worth suspecting only when the backlash of the washing machine drum is accompanied by the following additional signs or more:
  • The washing machine rattles a lot, especially on the spin
  • The drum bangs against the body of the washing machine or the hatch glass during the spin
  • The machine jumps or vibrates strongly when spinning
  • The belt comes off the belt pulley regularly
  • Drum rubs on the door seal
  • The machine seems to spin and wash normally but has a noise or creaking noise when the drum rotates
  • Traces of oily dark liquid are seen under the washing machine
  • The washer leaks from the bottom, if you remove the back wall, you can see rusty traces of drips on the tank
  • Washing machine stains laundry with black oil or rust stains
  • The drum of the washing machine has come off and fallen to the bottom of the tank.
  • The drum is jammed and rotates heavily with a metallic squeal
  • Washer jams things
  • The washing machine blows corks or emits smoke
  • A skewed drum of your washing machine
Warning. A wobbly drum in combination with any of the above symptoms signals a serious malfunction. Even if the machine performs all program cycles completely, we do not recommend operating it. This will lead to more serious faults and even to the disposal of the machine. Our team of experts can handle any of your problems. No matter what type of washing machine you have installed, no matter what kind of problem you’re facing. Trust our experts and let them do their job. They will take any problem off your shoulders. They are licensed, certified, insured, and experienced. They always do their best to exceed your expectations. In addition to washing machine repairs, our skilled technicians can provide you with other appliance repair services such as microwave repair, dishwashers, freezers and ice makers, dryers, refrigerators, and more, as well as free maintenance consultations if needed. We have no competitors in all of San Diego County. We value every customer, and our professional team of experts is dedicated. Superior performance and absolute accuracy are what our happy and satisfied customers say about our services. We guarantee exceptional customer service at fair prices. Contact us. (619) 719-5005 [email protected]