You have looked at the refrigerator display and seen that the temperature on the freezer screen is higher than the standard -18°C. Perhaps the red warning light on the control panel is on, indicating that the temperature in the freezer is high, and the refrigerator itself is beeping. So what to do? In this article, we will consider all the possible reasons why the freezer compartment of a two-compartment refrigerator freezes badly. At the same time, the fridge compartment can both work properly and also cool badly. Depending on the device of the refrigerator, the reasons why the freezer compartment freezes poorly may differ. We’ll look at three of the most popular types of modern two-compartment refrigerators: – Single-compressor refrigerators with “drip” defrost in the refrigerator compartment and manual defrost in the freezer; – Full No Frost refrigerators (No Frost in both the chambers); – Dual-compressor models with a “drip” defrost in the fridge compartment and manual defrost in the freezer compartment.

Weak freezing of the refrigerator – what you can do yourself

If the freezer freezes poorly, it is likely that something serious has happened to your refrigerator. But there are also minor causes, which you can deal with on your own. Here they are: 1. The temperature is set high. Check your refrigerator’s settings, maybe you accidentally set the freezer temperature too high. Some models allow you to set the freezer temperature as low as -10°C. The freezer compartment is switched off. Fridge models with two compressors have an option to disable the freezer compartments separately. Check to see if you have accidentally turned off the freezer compartment and the freezer temperature has risen. 3. Fridge malfunction. Try to defrost the fridge completely, maybe there was a one-time malfunction, and after defrosting the malfunction will go away.

Possible breakdowns of conventional single-compressor refrigerators

Conventional refers to two-compartment single-compressor models with a “drip” defrost in the refrigerator compartment and a manual defrost in the freezer compartment. They have two evaporators, one – in the freezing chamber and the other – in the refrigerating chamber. Such models are subdivided into refrigerators with independent temperature control in the compartments and those in which the temperature is regulated by one standard thermostat. The two-chamber models with the independent control of the temperature in the compartments operate in two modes: “cooling of the freezer compartment only” or “cooling of the freezer and refrigerating compartment simultaneously”. The electromagnetic valve switches the cooling modes in such refrigerators. Here are popular troubles of common two-chamber refrigerators with one compressor, when the freezer freezes badly. 1. Loss of motor performance The compressor wears out, loses capacity, and can’t create enough pressure for cooling. 2. Temperature sensor in the freezer The sensor has failed and shuts down freezer cooling earlier than it should. 3. thermostat The faulty thermostat turns off cooling earlier than needed. 4. Freon leakage. Most often, occurs in the steel perimeter heating circuit of the freezer, in the freezer and refrigerator compartment evaporator connection, or in the refrigerator compartment evaporator. 5. Capillary piping clogged. The refrigerant circulating in the refrigeration circuit reacts with the oil in the compressor. The result of their interaction is the formation of paraffin, which is deposited in the capillary tube and makes it difficult for the freon to pass through. 6. solenoid valve Single-compressor refrigerators with independent temperature control in the chambers operate in two modes: “freezer cooling only” or “freezer and refrigerator simultaneously”. When the valve gets stuck in the second position (“freezer and refrigerator compartment cooling”), the freezer does not get enough cold and does not freeze well. 7. Freezer door seal The freezer door seal is squeezed or damaged. Warm air enters the freezer compartment, so the freezer temperature is elevated. 8. Freezer door hinges Deformed, the freezer door is warped and warm air is getting into the chamber. 9. Control module Has malfunctioned and shuts down cooling early. If your refrigerator isn’t working properly or has broken down, call an appliance repair service in San Diego County soon. Our technicians will come to your aid in no time and fix the problem. Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]