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The situation when the refrigerator is running loudly, can not only bring some discomfort to the person but also affect the performance of the product. The refrigerator is an indispensable device without which it is almost impossible to imagine modern life. Its use gives a man a lot of benefits, allowing you to extend the shelf life of products and giving the opportune day its operation maturity to save them for a long time. It has a rather complicated technical structure and requires periodic preventive maintenance. On this basis, as a result of the operation of the device, various difficulties can arise that can lead to the formation of malfunctions. Not every refrigerator is capable of working quietly. In turn, modern devices are designed to produce as little noise as possible, and exceeding a certain sound threshold is an aberration for them. However, no matter how new and technically advanced your refrigerator is, one day its operation may be accompanied by increased noise emission. Your refrigerator is installed incorrectly The most common cause of extraneous noise is the improper installation of the refrigerator, that is, the requirements for its horizontal and vertical position were not met. Lack of air to run the compressor Among the most common causes of noise when your refrigerator is running is a limited capacity mode. This occurs if, during installation, the appliances have been pushed too close to walls, furniture, or other surfaces. When the backside of the refrigerator is close to anything, there is not enough air flowing to the condenser. To fix this problem, simply check how close the back of the refrigerator is to a wall or other surface. If necessary, you need to move it so that the distance between them was not less than 20 cm. Poorly fixed compressor housing However, sometimes there are situations when these problems are eliminated, but extraneous noise is still present. In this case, it is recommended to check the reliability of the fixing. The bolts in the mounting area have likely been loosened during use. The problem with fan operation This problem is relevant only for modern refrigerators equipped with the function “No Frost”. They can have not one but two fans. As a rule, they are responsible for cooling the evaporator. One relates to the refrigerator chamber and the other to the freezer. If they malfunction, the refrigerator will make a very loud noise. Faulty electrical circuits The trigger relay of any appliance begins to behave strangely when malfunctions occur. This applies to refrigerators as well. A broken relay begins to hum, make growling noises, and shut down after a while. This problem is almost unreal to fix with your own hands. You will have to replace the relay, and to do this, refer to the services of specialized service centers. In addition, the cause of the noise can be a burned winding of the fan motor. If there are such suspicions, they should be checked with a tester. If a short circuit or resistance leak to the compressor body is detected, the motor should be replaced. A burnt compressor motor can also be the cause of noise during refrigerator operation. It is quite simple to check this – just touch the motor housing with your hand. If it is too hot, you will have to check the motor and most likely replace it. Another reason for the noise may be a burned-out evaporator coil. This will cause ice to form on the evaporator, which will hurt the operation of the compressor. In this case, it will be necessary to check the heating element with a tester and replace it if breakage is detected. Our team of specialists can solve any of your problems. No matter what kind of refrigerator you have, no matter what situation you’re facing. Trust our experts and let them do their job. We have no competitors in all of San Diego County. Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]