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Oven owners are sometimes faced with the problem of an oven that does not work at all. Particularly common are situations in which the oven does not heat completely or the level of heating leaves a lot to be desired.   Often the malfunction is due to a defective heating element, a faulty control module, or a faulty temperature sensor. There is no shortage of other reasons for heating problems. The only way to identify and rectify the problem is to carry out a diagnosis and subsequent repair of the oven – at home or in a specialist service center.   A quick look at typical problems that can cause an oven to break down   Professional oven repair follows a specific algorithm, depending on the nature of the fault. In the following, we describe the most common faults and the methods for rectifying them.   Faulty heating element A burned-out or damaged heating element causes problems reaching the correct temperature. The heating is usually uneven or completely absent. As a reminder, the appliance is constructed with two heating elements – an upper and a lower one. Each of them can fail. Therefore, when carrying out a diagnosis, the condition of both elements must be examined. This is the only way to make a final diagnosis and then repair the oven as efficiently as possible.   A visual check of the heating elements is usually sufficient. Functional heaters are characterized by the absence of stains, blisters, cracks, scratches, or other signs of wear and tear. Ideally, the heating elements should be tested with special equipment. This will help locate any hidden damage and decide if the unit needs to be replaced.   Broken oven switches and thermostat The following system components can be damaged:   Mode toggle switch. The switch fails when the appliance is used regularly at the highest temperatures. The contact springs usually come loose. The contacts also frequently catch fire. The problem can be solved by replacing the rocker switch. Power switch. The list of faults is exactly the same as in the previous case. The method of solution is the same – replacement of the switch. Thermostat. A faulty sensor transmits inaccurate information, causing the control board to block the oven’s operation. Replacing the regulator solves the problem. A technician experienced in repairing certain brands of ovens must be called in to pinpoint the problem.   Seal problems These appliances are fitted with seals to minimize heat loss. If these are damaged, there are two possible outcomes – accelerated wear and tear on the entire appliance and problems heating to the set temperature. In both cases, it is sufficient to replace the seals.   A similar situation can occur if the door is not sealing properly. In this case, mechanical damage such as deformation or deterioration of the hinges will need to be repaired. Sometimes the latch is defective. Dirt on the inside of the appliance can also have unpleasant consequences.   Oven control module failure One of the most unpleasant causes of heating problems is a faulty control module. In this case, it is not as simple as a simple cleaning or visual inspection. It usually requires a fairly complex oven repair in San Diego, which can only be carried out by specialists.   Analyzing the condition of the module is a very complex task. Determining the cause of the fault requires hands-on experience and special diagnostic equipment that only major companies can purchase.   If you know for certain that the problem is in the circuit board, there are two ways to resolve the issue – buy and install a new module or call a specialist. In order to save money, it is better to choose the second option. Although in some cases you will still need to replace the board.  

Who should you have your oven repaired?

Ideally, only professionals should be trusted to fix the problem. Having the proper education, experience, and reliable tool greatly increases the likelihood that the task at hand will be completed successfully.   And if you have scheduled an oven repair in San Diego, you won’t find a better option than contacting our company. We will quickly discover the cause of the malfunction and fix it at a minimal cost to your budget. After our visit, your oven will heat normally. We guarantee it.   Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]