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To find out why the dishwasher does not wash dishes well, no matter how trite it may seem, is the simplest thing. As practice shows, the essence in most cases lies in the little things. So, the sources of global malfunctions can be – human factors, unstable voltage, connection errors, poor water quality, wear, high loads, lack of prevention, and other prerequisites. In order to achieve the result, each reason must be understood in more detail. Warning for users The dishwasher is a large household appliance belonging to the category of electrical appliances. In addition, the working environment for it is water supplied from an autonomous or centralized pipeline. Therefore, if any malfunctions are detected, immediately disconnect the device from the power supply and shut off the water supply. Especially if you decide to make diagnostics and repairs yourself. Compliance with these safety rules will eliminate leaks and prevent the risk of traumatic situations. Why the dishwasher does not wash well – the main causes and solutions Modern household appliances are progressive intelligent models with many functions and protection systems. However, regardless of the generation and brand of devices, no model is immune from the negligent attitude of the user. If you want to know why the dishwasher began to wash dishes poorly, start with a simple analysis. Ask if your operating mode is in accordance with the prescriptions. Remember, possible negative factors are: – dried food on the dishes, which provokes clogging; – incorrectly selected mode; – overload (a large number of dishes in the machine); – low-quality detergent; – incorrect stacking of dishes; – maltreatment (sharp slamming of the door, blows, shifts); – lack of regular preventive maintenance. Food residues on dishes from clogging drains and main elements of machines. Poor quality detergent, especially with frequent use in intensive mode, contributes to the formation of scale on the heating element (heating element). Ignoring the rules for placing dishes leads to damage to the water supply nozzles and the spray arm. In the absence of regular maintenance and cleaning, all this leads to serious damage. Some useful tips from professionals Do not ignore the instructions that come with the dishwasher. It contains a lot of important information that the developer did not just try to convey to the consumer. Ignoring the recommendations, many begin to blame manufacturers for the low quality of the goods, while others successfully use the equipment without complaints. Remember the important rules: – make the connection correctly, in accordance with the requirements of the equipment (improper connection may cause the inability to drain the water); – clean the filters and door seals at least every 2 months; – do not overload the dishwasher; – install additional protection against voltage surges; – remove food residues from the dishes beforehand; – use high-quality detergents; – correctly distribute the dishes when loading; – use the equipment as carefully as possible. And do not forget! Not all problems can be eliminated by yourself. The equipment and functionality of dishwashers are becoming more and more complicated every year. It is impossible to understand the device without certain qualifications. Moreover, to carry out repairs in the absence of specialized tools and equipment. It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego County. San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with professional and experienced appliance repair to get your dishwasher back to good as new. Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]