You have habitually started the laundry, and when you return you find that the machine is stuck with water and won’t drain it. Perhaps the display shows an alarm code F03, F18, or E18. Why the washing is interrupted, and Bosch does not drain the water, we will understand in this article. What you can do yourself The good news is that the lack of drainage does not always indicate that the washing machine is broken. Before you call a master, check the following. Whether the drain filter is not clogged. Water leaving the tank is filtered by the drain filter from small debris, lint, and hair, and only then enters the drain pump. If the filter is clogged, the water cannot pass through the clog and stands in the tank. The drain filter needs to be cleaned periodically. How to do this is in the manual for your Bosch, or you can use the general guide on our website. Whether the drain hose is kinked. There may be a kink in the hose or some heavy object has been placed on the hose, which is squeezing it. Inspect the hose along its entire length and straighten it if necessary. Whether the drain is clogged. It is not uncommon for the washing machine drain to be connected to the sink siphon. This is where the clog occurs. To check, disconnect the drain hose from the siphon and lower the free end into the bathroom. Turn on the drain in your BOSCH. If the water began to leave the washing machine – the matter is in the drain. You will need to clean it yourself or contact a plumber. Have you selected a program with a water stop? All modern machines have programs that do not involve draining water: as a rule, these are modes of washing silk and wool. If you have mistakenly selected one of these, simply turn on the drain and/or spin. Whether the control board is frozen. Sometimes power surges “hangs” the control module. With a single failure, the problem is solved by resetting: to do this, you need to disconnect the washing machine Bosch from electricity for 10-15 minutes. If after that the machine worked normally and drains – the matter was a one-time failure, with which you have successfully coped. Possible malfunctions that require repair Unfortunately, if the above advice did not help, and the washing machine Bosch and stands with water, we are most likely talking about a breakdown. According to the experience of the appliance repair service in San Diego County washing machines of the brand Bosch with such “symptoms” can be the following problems. Defective drain pump Because of a clog in the pump, the vanes of the impeller are broken (in this case, you will hear the noise from the pump motor, but there will be no drain). The second option – the drain pump motor failed. In this case, the noise Failure of the drain pump – is the most common reason why Bosch does not drain water. A clog in the drain path There is probably a blockage in the drainage pipe, filter, drain pump or drain hose. The control module is defective The module is a microchip that controls the operation of the machine. It is sensitive to power surges and moisture. Lack of drainage can be due to the fact that the board burned out radio elements or tracks in the circuit of the drain pump. Faulty water level sensor The water level sensor hose is loose or damaged. Or the sensor itself is defective (stuck in the “empty tank” position). The machine incorrectly believes there is no water in the tank and does not flush. Damaged wiring or contacts in drain pump circuit. Wiring and contacts are damaged mechanically from vibrations from washing machines. In the private sector, it is not uncommon for mice and rats to gnaw on the wiring. If your Bosch washing machine has stopped with water and won’t drain, call for expert help. Call or book now. The technicians at an appliance repair service in San Diego County have repaired thousands of Bosch brand washing machines. They can help yours too! A specialist will come to your home with all the necessary equipment and parts, will diagnose and, if you agree, will repair. We come quickly: you can visit on the same day! Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]