Why Is The Gap In The Refrigerator Doors Heating Up
If you hear this question, you cannot offer a helpful answer until you have obtained more detailed information. This plea for information could refer to one of two different problems. The following article will re-frame the question in two ways, in order to provide two appropriate answers.

Why is the space between the fridge and the freezer getting hot?

When that particular space feels hot, the owner of the affected refrigerator must heed the warning. It is a warning that the airflow over the appliance’s condensing coils has fallen to a dangerously low level. Fortunately, that sort of problem can be fixed. Of course, you should not take any further steps until you have unplugged the affected appliance. Additionally, you can call in the appliance repair specialist in San Diego County to look it up. Once you have done that then you are ready to remove the refrigerator’s front panel and clean the condenser coil. Next, you must check to see if warm air is blowing from the condenser fan. In order to carry-out that inspection, you will need to pull the refrigerator away from the wall and remove its lower access panel. Once you have done that, then you can try turning one of the fan’s blades. If the blade turns, then you have reason to assume that it is working. If it does not turn, the fan is not the defective part. Instead the defect exists within the motor.

Why is the space between the two doors of my side-by-side refrigerator getting hot?

Once again, this situation sends a message; this time, one that concerns the condenser fan. The fan fails to turn, when the compressor is on. That failure could indicate the presence of one of two possible problems. In order to fix either problem, you will need to access the malfunctioning part. As stated above, the part that you will want to examine is the condenser fan. Manufacturers put the fans on side-by-side refrigerators behind the back access panel. The manufacturer places the compressor in that specific space as well. That is why the fan’s blades should start turning when the compressor is on. Once you have gained access to the condenser fan, you will have to determine why it has stopped working. It could be that the part that responds to signs of activity from the compressor (the fan) ought to be re-positioned. Sometimes it moves from its proper location and starts rubbing the refrigerator’s bracket. Alternately, it could be that the fan has become so dirty that it has stopped turning. Regardless of how skilled you have become as a troubleshooter, that dirt should send an obvious signal, regarding your next course of action. You need to get hold of a brush so that you can clean the fan’s dirty blades. Contact us:

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