washer not draining
Perhaps you’ve just completed a full load of clothes in your washing machine and much to your surprise when you open the door you find out that the entire thing is yet full of water. Right now we are going to examine a few of the common and likely reasons for this to have happened and we will provide you with some solutions that you can take in order to get it repaired quickly. It’s very important to make sure that you have unplugged the machine whenever you work with an appliance that has any kind of electrical current. This is to ensure your own personal safety. Failing to do it could be a potential health hazard. The first thing that you need to do is to check your manual to see the troubleshooting methods suggested by the manufacturer. Every appliance is made in a different manner and your machine might have certain parts that others don’t. You will get an overall idea of the issues that you need to be looking for as you inspect the washing machine. It’s important to locate where you can actually access the inside of your machine and if you have pull it out, ensure that you have enough space around it so you can produce a proper inspection.

Drain Pump

That’s the part of your washing machine which is usually responsible for pumping out the water. If it is broken or damaged, this functioned won’t be handled properly. In order to check this component, you need to locate it within the unit. There are a few parts inside of your washer – a quick search in Google will reveal the way your drain pump looks like. Before you replace it, however, you should take apart the hoses which are connected to the pump and make sure to check it for small pieces of clothing such as washrags and socks which could have gotten into it.

Drive Belt

The drive belt connects the transmission of the machine to the drive motor. If the pulley has become loosened up or it has broken, you might be experiencing a lot of issues. This is because the tub would have hard times spinning and, therefore, it would be hard for the machine to drain out properly. If the belt is broken, you obviously need to replace it with a new one. As you can see, there are a few components which could be causing this particular issue. It’s important to address them timely as this could cause a lot of problems to your home. Make sure to contact the San Diego Appliance Repair Company for the professional assistance. Contact us:

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