Refrigerator Make Ice Slowly
Refrigerators that have the ability to make ice are a very handy appliance to have. That’s when the ice maker part of the fridge is working as it should. If it’s not working, this can lead to frustration expecting that the ice will be available when it isn’t. Some ice makers in fridges take a longer time to make ice. Others are more efficient at producing ice. If you have an ice maker that suddenly has become much slower at producing ice, this could be the sign of a problem. There are a few reasons for this problem and some of them are easy enough to repair so that you’ll have the ice you need in no time.

Freezer Temperature

One of the easiest fixes for slow ice production is the least thought of. Try checking the temperature inside your freezer. If the temperature inside your freezer is too warm, it’s going to take the appliance more energy and time to make the ice. Not only is it sucking additional time to make the ice, it’s also draining your electricity bill in a way it doesn’t need to. The extra electricity used to make the ice doesn’t have to be as high. Ideally, the temperature inside your freezer should be as close to zero degrees as possible. This makes it easier for the appliance to make ice cubes and do so fairly quickly. This temperature is a better temperature to keep frozen food safe too.

Condenser Coil

Sometimes adjusting the temperature of your freezer doesn’t make a difference inside the internal temperature. This is a sign of another problem. The other problem could be with the condenser coil and the condenser fan. Check to make sure the condenser coil is clean. If it’s built up with frost, air won’t be able to circulate through the coil and your freezer won’t be cooled to the temperature you want. Also, check to make sure the condenser fan is working.

Water Supply Line

Slow ice production can also be caused by a problem with the water supply line. If this is the case, then the problem is not with your appliance, the refrigerator or the icemaker. It’s a problem with the plumbing system attached to the fridge. Sometimes this problem can be fixed on your own. For example, if your system uses a self-piercing saddle valve, then the water supply problem might be able to easily be fixed. All you’d need to do is turn the saddle valve all the way back out to make sure the hole in the pipe is pierced for a clear water way. In most cases, you would need to turn the valve clockwise until it completes the piercing of the water line. A self-piercing saddle valve is also called a self-tapping valve.

Water Filter

A dirty of damaged water filter can also be the cause of slow ice production. A dirty filter can easily be replaced. So can a defective filter. A defective filter could also be the sign of another problem so make sure you look for any air in the lines or kinks. Discuss the issues with an appliance repair service in San Diego County to get the right advice. Contact us:

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