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Any, even an ultra-quiet refrigerator, makes noises during operation – this is normal. But if the quiet hum of the refrigeration unit is calming, then the sharp knocking, clicking, and buzzing are annoying and alarming. The article describes the nature of extraneous sounds and why they can appear even in a new refrigerator. There are several life hacks on how to reduce the sound of the installation without calling a wizard.  

The refrigerator is knocking, what to do

  A new refrigerator, even the quietest, can make noise for 3-5 days – during this time, the device will enter operating mode. You should not worry about why the engine is knocking in the refrigerator – after the specified period, the noise will disappear.   Just in case, you need to make sure that the screws are removed. If you forget to do this, the bolts will prevent the mounting springs from absorbing the vibration, which will immediately turn into increased noise.  

The old refrigerator makes noise: what to do

  The old refrigerator, which has failed, should conduct a selective inspection and check how well it freezes, and whether it touches the furniture located next to it, for example, the kitchen stove.   Important: The optimal distance for the operation of the unit is 5-10 cm from the equipment located nearby.  

The door fits loosely

  The reason for the noise of the refrigerator can be a leaky door, the seal which has deformed over time.   You can solve the problem in several ways:   – put a piece of paper in a place that does not fit; – heat the place rubber deformation with a hair dryer, press it against the perimeter of the refrigerator box, and level it; – torn or cracked rubber must be replaced by installing a new seal in the recess or by gluing it to the surface.  

The refrigerator does not stand well on the floor

  The imbalance of the legs of the device is also a frequent cause of knocking and noise. It is worth checking the degree of contact of the bottom of the refrigerator with the floor. If at least one leg hangs in the air, the body of the unit will vibrate, and the engine will make an annoying sound. The solution is to adjust the legs by twisting them back and forth.   If a superficial inspection did not give results and an answer to why the refrigerator knocks, it is worth moving on to a detailed acquaintance with the various causes of the malfunction.  

Why does the refrigerator knock – the main reasons

  The uncharacteristic sound of the refrigerator, which suddenly began to knock, does not necessarily indicate breakage. It often happens that the user simply did not know all the subtleties of the operation.  

Incorrect placement of products inside the refrigerator

What seems like a serious breakdown of a household appliance is often the noise of pots and cans that are placed next to each other and knocked against each other. A particularly active collision occurs when the refrigerator is started and when its engine is turned off.   The way out is to tidy up the inside of the refrigerator, throwing away unnecessary jars and plates at the same time.   Note: the film is a convenient and silent replacement for a lid for a pot or pan. And a food container instead of a heavy goose dish will preserve the freshness of the food longer, will not let the smell pass, and will help maintain cleanliness and tidiness.   When tidying up the refrigerator, you should not forget about the items that are placed on its “roof”.  

Incorrect temperature

  Sometimes it’s a matter of temperature. Wanting to speed up the freezing of products, the user boosts the refrigerator to the maximum and then forgets to switch to normal mode.  

Incorrect position of the internal elements of the refrigerating chamber

  Sometimes the reason for the knock lies in such a banal reason as the incorrect location of the shelves. It is enough to spend three minutes on the correct placement of shelves, containers, and partitions – and you can breathe freely. You no longer need to think about buying a new refrigerator.  

Installing the refrigerator on an uneven surface

  It is better not to trust your eyes, even if it seems that the refrigerator is standing straight.   The optimal solution is to measure the angle of inclination with a level, placing the construction tool on the upper panel or lid of the refrigerator.   Important: NoFrost refrigerators can knock due to the frost coating of the evaporator. It is necessary to defrost the device and check the tightness of the door. If it did not help, call a master to diagnose the winding of the electric motor.  

Entry of a foreign object into the cooling system

  Manufacturers recommend not storing all kinds of small things on the roof of the refrigerator. In practice, it is not uncommon for foreign objects to fall behind the condenser tubes, which are located on the rear wall of the installation. Pulling out coins and other small parts often improves the situation before it becomes a problem.  

Collision of moving elements of the refrigerator with each other

  Before calling the master, it will not be superfluous to examine the back wall of the unit not only for figurines and souvenirs that fell from the roof of the refrigerator. It is necessary to make sure that the moving elements – the tubes of the external cooling system of the refrigerator – do not rub against its body.     It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego county. San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with professional and experienced appliance repairs.   Contact us   (619) 719-5005   [email protected]