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The refrigerator is not one of the silent devices. The appliance is constantly making noise because of the powerful motor. However, sometimes it happens that extraneous sounds are heard, that previously were not. Most often, the owners observe clicks. In most cases, experts do not attribute them to problems. But it is better to find out why the refrigerator cracks, so you can take the necessary measures.  

Why the refrigerator clicks when working and crack when turned on

  Hearing the crackle in the refrigerator, first check its functionality: whether it continues to perform its functions, and whether the freezer and refrigerator chambers are sufficiently cooled. If the device works quite properly, then there is a probability that the sound is a consequence of the contraction and expansion of the materials. In this case, the housing plastic or evaporator tubes in refrigerators with automatic cooling system crack. This does not apply to the malfunction of the equipment. The design of the device provides for a small deformation of the material. What else can snap in the refrigerator? Crackling when turning on and off a normally functioning unit is caused by the thermostat. Some models are equipped with a sonorous thermostat. It can be heard from the first day of use of the appliances. If there was no sound, and suddenly it appeared – it is worth finding out why it happened. Probably, the compressor’s fasteners are loose. Then you should not procrastinate with the repair, in order not to lead to engine failure.   It happens that the device was working, then turned off, and after a break does not turn on. Clicks of the starting relay can be heard, but the engine does not start, and the refrigerator as if it shoots. The reason is insufficient voltage in the mains. To ensure the smooth operation of the device, a stabilizer is installed.   Why does the fridge crackle? One of the reasons is an uneven surface. To get rid of extraneous sounds, check the serviceability of the adjusting supports under the unit – whether they have not sagged. See if the unit is not in contact with nearby objects.  

Reducing Fridge Noise and Vibration

  Today’s refrigerators are dramatically different from their ancestors. They are equipped with a whole range of different systems, which determines the nature of the sounds you may hear. In addition to judging the volume, it’s important to remember that there are some commonplace truths, such as proper installation and operation. To keep the equipment from humming more than it should, it should stand on a level surface, strictly horizontal, surrounded by ventilation gaps.  

Compressor – the main cause of noise

  In general, in a modern serviceable refrigerator, the motor emits a uniform hum. But its level is different. If we talk about two-compressor models, it may seem that they make twice as much noise, but it is not so. The fact is that the power of each motor is less than one in single-compressor models, so the noise level is lower.   This is where technology comes to the rescue. Say, the Koreans have been using linear inverter compressors for a long time. The noise level is promised to be 38 dB. In comparison with usual motors, the Korean inverter works about 25% quieter, which is confirmed by European tests. We liked the new LG GR-H802HEHZ, which is practically whispered quiet, and that’s considering the full NoFrost.   The Sharp brand offers a peculiar evolution of inverters. The Japanese have come up with such a thing as the J-Tech Inverter. The motor knows how to work in 36 steps and changes speed smoothly, without jumps. This makes the operation very quiet. The promised noise level is 36 dB – here is the tale of how a Japanese has overtaken a Korean. By the way, the same level applies to the models of the side-by-side form factor. Incredible silence for these giants! Pay attention to the premium six-door flagship Sharp SJ-GF60AR – it’s just a miracle of technology!   In terms of high-tech compressors, these two brands are ahead of the whole planet. Even the Germans with their Liebherr multifunctional appliances are just swallowing dust. The new two-compartment novelties, presented in 2018, make as much as 42 dB of noise (although, in fact, even that’s not much!). If that’s not critical for you, check out the Liebherr ECBN 5066 PremiumPlus BioFresh NoFrost model. This very clever machine will perfectly keep everything delicious and fresh while saving maximum energy.   It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego county. San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with professional and experienced appliance repairs.   Contact us   (619) 719-5005   [email protected]