Why Do The Coils In An Air Conditioner Need Cleaning And Maintenance
It is important to understand the air conditioner is a complicated device that has numerous internal components. They all need to be perfectly synced if you want your system to provide the performance that it is intended to. Important parts of the internal system of the air conditioner are the coils. There are two general types of coils.

Evaporator coils

Contrary to popular believe, air conditioners do not add cool air into your home. They actually subtract the heat from the indoor space and transfer it outside. This whole process takes place in the evaporator coils which are placed in the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. Copper conducts are known to heat rapidly so the coils that generally contain the coolant are normally made out of it. In order to maximize the surface are and provide higher cooling power, the copper coils would usually have metal fins or vanes that surround them.

Condenser Coils

The condenser apparatus is located in the outdoor unit as well. This allows the waste heat to dissipate to the outdoor as the heated gas inside returns to the liquid state under the pressure. The condenser arrays would also contain copper or other different metals that are especially convenient for transferring the heat. Their vanes are built on the outside in order to make the cooling process rather easier. Outside unites are likely to collect dust, pollen as well as any other kind of debris but they are also a lot more easier to clean than interior coils. You can easily do this with the help with the right amount of cleaning solution and a hose. However, if you have to clean your exterior or interior coils for the first time it is highly advisable to call a specialist. They are generally going to give you a lot of helpful tips on how to keep the coils clean and free of any kind of debris. This would also enable you to create a maintenance schedule that would ultimate translate to a properly working air conditioner. Keeping your coils clean is absolutely essential for the proper exchange of heat. If they are dirty due to the accumulation of dust or debris, the particles would from an insulating layer that is going to prevent the warm air to reach the cooled off metal. This process is going to be significantly faster if you smoke or cook very frequently. This is why you should make sure that your coils are properly maintained if you want to enjoy the proper performance of your air conditioning unit. Make sure to keep this in check at all times because failing to do so might even cause some further complications. Additionally, you can call in the professional air conditioner repair technicians. They understand all about the coils and the internal mechanism of the unit. Not only will the clean the coils but check for any minor repairs that might be needed. Contact us:

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