Why Do My Clothes Take Forever To Dry
Who likes waiting? Anyway tell me who likes waiting for our clothes to dry off? Especially when we have prepared a certain time period that we can wait and when we go to the washing machine, open the magical door the clothes inside are still wet. Even if we have run two or more drying cycles the result is not that one we would want to see. There are a number of problems that may be causing the slow drying of our clothing. Here are some of them.

Door damage

Damaged doors and specifically if something is wrong with the sealing can be a major problem that needs to be taken care of. The point of the gasket seal is to keep the hot air inside the machine, while the cool air is outside. This is an important aspect of the dryer. If your clothes take too much time to be completely dried, the first thing you should check is the door seals – check if there is any sign of damage. Without that seal, the temperature inside will not have the needed heat and it will slow down the drying process. If there is a torn or a dried-out door it will be a simple fix for an expert and your pocket will not be severely harmed.

Lint buildup

It takes time and it is not the most pleasant experience you can have in home but the lint filter must be cleaned after each drying cycle – buildup restricts the airflow and it might be the cause of you having to wait so much. At least every month you need to be cleaning your dryer filter, as fabric softener is accumulating in there. It takes time to buildup. Remember you should always clean wash it with warm and soapy water. Make sure that it has dried completely before putting it back into the dryer. Lint buildup can be affecting your dryer’s ductwork as well. It creates a blockage inside the duct and venting hose and this way it may become the reason behind the slow drying. It should be cleaned by a professional at least once a year.

Mechanical problems

If you have checked the door seal and the lint buildup and you are still yet to resolve your issue, the problem might be more serious – a mechanical one. The most common situation can be the blower wheel. If it is not firmly attached to the drive motor shaft, airflow is reduced to the drum. Burned out heating elements inside of dryer can lead to a lengthy drying time as well. Also, sometimes you might experience a faulty thermostat or a broken sensor. In this case the dryer will not be reaching the desired heat temperatures as it should be. If you have fixed your problem – that is great. If not, do not wait and call a professional local appliance repair here in San Diego county as this will not only waste time but energy as well. Contact us:

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