Modest square footage should not affect the functionality of the kitchen space. A small area is not a judgment. If you use all the available square meters correctly, it is quite realistic to arrange the necessary appliances on them ergonomically. This article will consider where to put the refrigerator in a small kitchen.  

Placing the refrigerator in a small kitchen

  Unlike other household appliances, the refrigerator is distinguished by its massiveness and large size. Therefore, it is necessary with special attention to the issue of its placement.   The unit’s location depends, first of all, on the room’s shape. Experts suggest the following installation options:   In the niche. The most common location – the corner of the kitchen. Quite a good option. Allows the use of hard-to-fill space. Helps to give the environment a whole.   Outside the kitchen. They are recommended when there is not enough space in the kitchen for convenient placement. The most popular places to install refrigeration equipment are the loggia, pantry, and hallway.   Attention! Only a properly insulated loggia is suitable for refrigerator placement.   Looking at ways to install refrigerator equipment, you need to pay attention to unsuccessful solutions:   – placement in the same row as the sink and stove; – placement near the stove, but far from the sink; – location in the space behind the bar, dining group.  

Where to place the appliance in a small rectangular kitchen

  The best choice is a corner. This solution will allow the most rational use of every square meter of kitchen space. The main thing is to check in advance that the refrigerator door opens freely.   Designers advise forming a working triangle of the stove, refrigerator, and sink. This installation option is considered the most expedient and ergonomic.  

How to place the refrigerator in a room with a square shape

  For a small kitchen space, it is appropriate to use a linear arrangement of items. Such placement implies the agreement of appliances and furniture elements in a single row. For the cooling unit, it is preferable to allocate a place in the corner. Installing it along the opposite wall is also appropriate. Both methods contribute to the maximum freeing up of space.  

Tricks for the location of the refrigerator in the hallway

  If the area of the kitchen makes it impossible to accommodate a refrigerator device, then experts advise looking at other options. The most common option is the location in the hallway. Here the main thing is that the device should not be a hindrance to free movement around the apartment. And also it should fit organically into the overall design of the interior. And in this case, it will not be superfluous to buy a silent working model.   It will be necessary to make every effort to make the transition from the kitchen area to the hallway as smooth as possible. Otherwise, the owner may face the unpleasant visual effect of the presence of a foreign element in the corridor.  

Factors that should be taken into account when choosing a place to install the device

  Taking into account a number of factors will allow you to avoid mistakes when choosing a suitable location:  
  1. A distance of 2 inches must be maintained between the unit and adjacent objects. This is necessary to ensure proper circulation of air flows. This moment is especially important for the back wall of the device.
  1. The surface for installing the equipment must be as smooth as possible without visible defects. The placed device must stand confidently and reliably, without swaying, because even a small displacement can lead to the breakdown of individual parts. Most manufacturers equip refrigerators with adjustable legs, which allow you to set the device on the level, in a situation where there are minor irregularities in the floor covering.
  Help! Choose a place where there is a separate outlet. Do not use an extension cord when connecting.  

How to harmoniously “fit” a refrigerator into the interior of a small kitchen

  Designers advise when buying a refrigerator to focus on the color of the walls in the kitchen: the color of the appliance should be as close as possible to the color palette of the supporting structures. Such a solution allows you to fit the equipment into the interior and make it less bulky. It is also permissible to be guided by the color of the facade of the kitchen unit. On the market today, you can find models suitable for any room design. They are intended to perform two tasks at once: practical and aesthetic.   Appropriate and independent design of a standard refrigerator. There are many ways to do this. The most popular are film with photo printing or magnetic vinyl on a kitchen theme, painting with acrylic paints, decoupage technique, and vinyl stickers. The main thing is to adhere to a sense of measure. The device should form a single whole with its surroundings, and not stand out from it.  

Important points during installation

  It was already mentioned above about the importance of correct installation of the unit. Let us remind you that the duration and efficiency of its functioning depend on this. Special support legs will facilitate placement. Even if the floor covering is smooth enough, you can’t do without them. They allow you to achieve an ideal mood. The front part of the refrigerator should be slightly higher than the back – this significantly facilitates the process of opening the door. To achieve a similar result, you need to turn the front legs until you reach the desired position. At the same time, these manipulations should be carried out by tilting the equipment in different directions. Only in this way will there be confidence in the evenness of the installation.   Refrigeration equipment must be located near a separate outlet since the use of extension cords during its operation is not recommended. If there are frequent voltage drops, you should take care of the stabilizer.   Before connecting the refrigerator to the network, it is necessary to remove all unnecessary items from it and wash it thoroughly. After the delivery of the device, several hours should pass before it is turned on – the unit needs time to adapt to the existing conditions.  

Compliance with safety measures when installing a refrigerator in a small kitchen

  Certain safety rules should be followed when placing refrigeration equipment. It is forbidden to use an extension cord or outlet with other devices connected to it. Before turning it on for the first time, it is absolutely necessary to thoroughly wash the cameras, both inside and outside. It is also worth striving for a uniform filling of the unit with products. This will significantly extend the service life of the equipment.  

The correct “masking” of the device under the cabinet

  Popular today is the “masking” of the refrigerator under the cabinet. It helps to blend in with the rest of the furniture and not stand out from the general interior. Such a cabinet does not have a back wall. The ego box exactly repeats the outline of the equipment. The unit is not placed on the floor covering – it is installed inside the cabinet, attaching the furniture facade to the door.   Summing up, we note that the location of the refrigerator depends on several factors, the main of which are safety and convenience for the user.   Are you in need of some appliance repairs in San Diego County? San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help! We offer professional and experienced technicians who can get the job done right. Don’t wait, call us now and get your appliances fixed!   Contact us (619) 719-5005   [email protected]