What To Do When The Garbage Disposal Malfunctions
While the garbage disposal is truly a great piece of invention, if it’s jammed, leaking or clogged, it could quickly become a menace to deal with. It’s is a relatively simple machine which operates trouble-free for at least a couple of years. Of course, you should expect issues every now and then as garbage can get stuck and this could break down your disposal entirely. It’s also true that some of the repairs could be handled on your own using nothing but a screwdriver as well as a hex wrench. However, if you come across a more complex problem, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a professional.

Garbage disposal doesn’t work

Now, if your garbage disposal doesn’t do a thing – this means that it doesn’t make any kind of hums or a sound, the problem is that it’s most likely failing to receive enough power. You should look for the reset button which is usually located on the underside of the machine. This might be all you need to get it up and running again. However, in the majority of cases – it won’t be. If it fails to get it operational, you should go ahead and unplug the machine from its electrical outlet and test that same outlet with another device. If the latter doesn’t work as well, you are facing a faulty circuit breaker and you need to handle it separately.

Garbage disposal is jammed

If the motor of the device hums but the garbage disposal still fails to grind and it’s overly noisy or doesn’t work as intended, you are likely to be facing a clogged or a jammed unit. It could be a fruit pit, a piece of one or something else which is stuck between the drain hole and the impeller blade. If that’s the case, you should immediately stop the machine, unplug it and try to clean it up. You can use tongs and pliers in order to pull the material out. An important piece of advice here is to never use your hands. This is absolutely out of discussion. After all, you are dealing with a machine which could potentially cause you irreparable damages and you don’t want to get involved in this. It is best if you actually rely on appliance repair professionals to handle the repairs which are related to your garbage disposal just to be sure. They are going to take perfect care of the entire thing and are also going to examine the machine for any other potential complications. This is an important thing to have in mind as they can tell you if they have to do something else to prevent potentially dangerous malfunctioning. Many companies offer regular maintenance schedules and that helps to ensure that all the appliance at home are in good condition. It reduces the cost of repairs considerably. Contact us:

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