What To Do When The Dryer Wont Start
A dryer that won’t start is undoubtedly something that you have no use for. It may seem like something particularly daunting and, unfortunately, it might as well be. However, you shouldn’t be giving up on the machine yet as it could easily be something quite quick and harmless. In all cases, calling your appliance technician is one of the things that you should immediately take into serious consideration as this is the most effective way of getting through the problem without any serious hassle on your end. However, if you are aware of the thing which is wrong with it and you have the necessary expertise and skills to handle it convenient, you should definitely consider it as it would save you quite some cash. Even though it’s not advisable to do this on your own, at your discretion and expenses, you can try to handle it. Thus, with this in mind, let us walk you through some of the most commonly encountered issues and the components that you’d have to handle.

The door switch

Every single dryer is going to feature a door switch which allows the machine to start tumbling. This happens only when the sensors provides the right signal that the door is fully closed. When the sensor malfunctions, it might not be capable of providing this signal and, hence, you might experience issues with the machine.

The thermal fuse

This is another safety device which is geared towards preventing the machine from overheating. It is a sensitive fuse and it is going to open as the temperature becomes particularly hot. This is going to interrupt the power to the drive motor and as such, it’s going to stop the machine form working. Obviously, if it’s not functioning properly, you will experience issues with it. The fuse could be tested easily with nothing, but a regular multi-meter.

The start switch

When the start switched is depressed, it’s going to send power to the drive motor and hence, the dryer is going to begin tumbling. If this process doesn’t take place, you might want to investigate the switch for malfunctioning. It could be tested for continuity easily just as well. All in all, these are some of the main issues that you should be concerned with and that you should take under serious consideration when it comes to it. However, there are also other components which might be malfunctioning and taking a look at them is also advisable. In any case, you want to ensure that you call the professionals if you feel that you are not comfortable with handling the issue on your own. This will let you handle it quickly and in a safe manner. With many companies available to help you get the dryer working again, you need to ensure that you only work with a company that is licensed and insured. Contact us:

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