What To Do If My KitchenAid Fridge Is Leaking
An experienced troubleshooter should know exactly what to do, upon finding a pool of water on the floor beside your KitchenAid refrigerator. This article seeks to calm the nerves of those adults that would like to become expert troubleshooters.

The first thing to do, after discovering the leak

Check to see if the fridge’s door seals shut in the way that it should. If the door’s seal is damaged, then the appliance will run excessively, and create too much water. Wash the seal using warm water.

A second thing to check

Examine four parts that seldom get noticed– the refrigerator’s legs. The refrigerator’s legs should force the fridge to tilt back just a little bit. If your fridge is not tilted slightly to the rear, re-adjust the legs.

Another thing that must be examined

Be sure to pull out the drain pan, and to look for any cracks. The drain pan holds the water that gets produced by a working refrigerator. If it is damaged or has a crack, it will have to be replaced.

Realize that a fridge has two drains

One drain sends water into the drain pan. Now you need to consult the manual, so that you can find and look closely at the defrost drain. If it gets clogged, a leak could develop behind the fridge’s closed door. Use warm water to remove the clog.

One final checkup

If you still have not discovered what has caused the leak, study the condition of the line that leads to the ice maker. It might have become loose. If that is the case, then you will need to tighten the connections. All trouble shooters accept the fact that they cannot always arrive at the solution. If you remain clueless, concerning the reason for the leaked water, you will have to contact an expert on repairs, especially repairs to refrigerators. Contact us:

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