things to never put down a garbage disposal
Let’s face it. All appliances reach the end of their lives at some point. As a homeowner, it’s often hard to know whether a call to your trusty appliance repair technician in San Diego will do the trick or whether it’s time to replace your appliance altogether. Fortunately, your garbage disposal will tell you almost every time.

Clogs Galore

Your garbage disposal is a tough appliance, but when it continues to clogs, there can be no greater mess. But first consider the food you are putting down your disposal. Here are a list of foods you should never put down your disposal: – Bones. Your disposal is just not equipped for bones and they will not get broken down in your disposal. If they do make it past the disposal, they will lodge in your plumbing which can create an even worse problem. – Celery. In fact any fibrous vegetable will just get clogged inside your unit. – Coffee grounds. Although they seem small enough, they will accumulate and create a mess in your drain. – Egg shells. This is up for debate, but some appliance repair technicians in San Diego claim that the membrane of egg shells is problematic to your disposal. – Fruit pits or large seeds. Your disposal just won’t process these. Period. – Liquid grease and oil. These may make it past your disposal but end up clogging your drain instead. – Rice and pasta. These swell and create problems for disposal traps. – Potato peels and other starchy vegetables. These are notorious for creating soupy messes inside your disposal.

Persistent Odors

If you have been trying to freshen up your disposal with baking soda and vinegar and your odors persist, there may be food trapped inside or a bacteria buildup. Don’t use citrus peels as the acid in these can create a corrosion problem. Call a professional when the odors from your disposal are a persistent problem.


If your disposal has sprung a leak and you find a puddle under your sink, it may be time for a new unit. A professional appliance repair technician in San Diego may be able to fix it by tightening connections, but chances are, finding the leak and replacing parts for a disposal can be labor intensive and costly. As always, when deciding to repair or replace a garbage disposal, always consider the pros and cons. The part may be inexpensive, but the labor costly. While most minor problems are easily remedied, ongoing and continual problems may just warrant a replacement. Call us today to see how we can help when you have a persistent garbage disposal problem. Contact us:

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