Sparks In The Microwave
There are quite a lot of important kitchen appliances in every home but it is absolutely undoubted that the microwave is one of the most commonly used ones. It is a fairly contemporary invention in comparison but it brings tons of convenience. You are certainly grateful for the fact that it can easily heat up and de-frost a range of different foods for an inconsiderable amount of time. However, unlike convenient ovens and ranges, your microwave relies on contemporary microwave technology which requires additional attention. As much as we don’t like it, every now and then, the appliance is going to get broken. One of the most common problems is usually related with the internal cavity or the stirrer of the microwave. A common issue is when you start seeing sparks within it during a regular heating cycle. This is definitely which should alarm you and you need to start thinking about potential fixes. There are a few things which may cause it, so let’s take a look at a couple of them which are quite likely.

Internal Cavity

You can check the internal cavity of your microwave – this is the first thing that you should actually proceed to do. Any food which has dripped or splattered onto the microwave is likely to continue to cook which is going to cause these characteristic sparks inside the machine. This is also something which applies to grease which has been accumulating on the ceiling. If you haven’t done so in a while – it might be a good idea to give your machine a good and thorough cleaning. Additionally, if you are reoccurring issues, it helps to have a professional technician look it over and see what is causing the problem.


Now, the microwave energy could mistakenly be channeled and concentrated towards one area of your microwave. This means that it’s not distributed properly which could lead to sparking and potential burning. This is something particularly dangerous and it can happen if your stirrer isn’t working. So, basically, if you are wondering why is that every dish that you plate within the machine is spinning – it’s to ensure the proper distribution of energy and also to prevent issues of this kind. Of course, you should also keep in mind that there are other issues which may cause this just as well. What is more, there are certain foods which shouldn’t be placed within the microwave as well as certain substances and materials. You should be very careful about this. Steel and plastics are a complete no-no. In any case, the truth is that fixing an appliance of this kind without any previous and rather serious technical knowledge is rather challenging and a bit risky. It is always better to rely on a professional appliance repair company in San Diego County which can handle the repairs and replacements. Contact us:

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