Modern models of refrigerators differ in many ways from the old models. It is clear that the principle of their work has not changed much, but many other functions and zones in the chamber have been added. One of these zones is the freshness zone, which manufacturers have invented quite recently. That is why many users have misunderstandings about the benefits of this zone and its purpose. What are the zero zones and what is it for? The wet zone is used for fruits and vegetables. In this zone, there is high humidity, so the products do not dry out for several days, and can not lose their moisture. The dry zone is ideal for storing fish and non-frozen meat. In this zone, food is defrosted but does not have time to deteriorate, due to the fact that the temperature is zero. Depending on the refrigerator model, there may be one or two zero zones. The price of the equipment will depend on the number of such zones. But, if you look, it is quite enough and 1 zone of freshness. Some manufacturers of household appliances, such as Bosh, have introduced special technologies in refrigeration equipment to remove germs and all the beneficial properties in food. Steamed meat, lettuce leaves, and much more can be stored in such a zone for several days, and they will still be fresh. Fruits and vegetables also retain all their vitamins, so there is no point in arguing about the benefits of such a zone. Where is the freshness zone and where is the container? All manufacturers call this compartment differently. If you want to purchase refrigeration equipment with such a compartment, then check its availability with the seller. The thing is that inexpensive models of refrigerators have a so-called transparent zone or just a container that can not always be called a freshness zone. Very often such containers are also called “high humidity zone”. Thus, if you see a container at the bottom of the refrigerator that can be simply removed and put anywhere else, then this is an ordinary box. The temperature in such a container will be exactly the same as in the entire refrigerator: from +6 to +8 degrees. Of course, due to the tightness of such a box, the humidity in it will be slightly higher, but the main thing is the temperature value. The real freshness zone should be in one place. If it is available, there should be special mechanisms on the back of the camera that maintain the microclimate of the equipment, supplying cold air to lower the temperature in it. If you need advice or diagnostics of your refrigerator. It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego County. San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with professional and experienced appliance repair¬†to get your refrigerator looking new again. Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]