Sparks are electrical discharges or arcs between two electrical conductors. Conductors can be metallic objects, pieces of foil, metallized drawings on dishes, etc. When a conductor is exposed to an alternating electromagnetic field, electricity induced by the field and eddy currents occur in it.    When two conductors with different induced electric potentials are at a distance smaller than the dielectric separating them (in this case, air), an electric discharge (electric arc) occurs between them. So much for sparks in the microwave oven chamber.    Therefore, when using the microwave, you should avoid using dishes with gold-plated, silver-plated and metallic elements. When using foil, do not place individual pieces of foil closer than two centimeters to each other and to the walls of the chamber. The same applies to metal objects.    Electrical discharges in the chamber of the microwave oven cause an increased load on the power circuits of the electric circuit, which can lead to a breakdown of the household appliance. This is not possible without a specialist workshop or service center. In mild cases, the fuse – a fuse against high currents will fail. Also, more serious malfunctions of microwave oven, such as failure of magnetron, high voltage diode or power transformer can occur.    Special mention should be made of cases of burnout of the waveguide cover (mica plate).   The fact is that the antenna of the magnetron is not located and radiates directly in the furnace chamber, where the heated product lies. In the furnace chamber, usually on the right wall there is a recess. This recess is where the magnetron antenna is located. The recess is called the waveguide chamber. Through the waveguide chamber, the electromagnetic waves emitted by the magnetron antenna enter the microwave oven chamber. This cavity (waveguide chamber) is covered by the cover of the waveguide. The cover of the waveguide is made of dielectric material that does not let electricity through, usually a plastic plate or made of pressed mica. Therefore, the cover is transparent to electromagnetic waves.   If dirt, food particles, drops and splashes of fat accumulate on the cover of the waveguide, they begin to heat up and burn. Fire is, as you know, plasma. And plasma is a special state of matter, in which electrons are not bound, but move freely, as in metals. Plasma is an electrical conductor. As we said above, if there are two unconnected conductors in the furnace chamber, at a small distance from each other, then there is an electric discharge (electric arc) between them. In this case, the electric arc is formed between the burning spot of dirt on the cover of the waveguide and the wall of the furnace chamber, the wall of the waveguide chamber or the antenna of the magnetron.   It looks like sparks and electrical discharges to the right inside the furnace chamber.    People have said that they have some cardboard on the right side inside the oven sparking and burning.    To avoid such malfunctions, you should use special plastic caps on the plate to prevent food splattering. Then there will be fewer problems with taking care of the oven.    It is not enough to replace the cover of the waveguide, it is necessary to clean the chamber of the waveguide and the antenna of the magnetron from carbon deposits. Sometimes, if the oven is not stopped in time, the magnetron antenna cap burns out or the magnetron itself fails. It is useless to peel the fouling from the cap of the waveguide, because when an electric arc occurs, there is a deep local metallization of the burnt area. This kind of microwave oven repair is better carried out in a specialized workshop or service center, where there are parts specifically for your model of oven.    Sometimes when you boil and pour out the product, dirt accumulates in the center under the rotating plate at the bottom of the oven. An electric arc can occur there, too. In this case, the plastic spindle (coupler) that rotates the plate burns, and the glass plate can burn through. Repairing by scraping the burned coupler is also problematic, due to the deep metallization of the burned area. The coupler has to be replaced during repair.    In this case, you will also need a workshop or service center to fix the problem.   It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego county. San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with professional and experienced appliance repairs.   Contact us   (619) 719-5005   [email protected]