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You’re unloading your dishwasher and there they are! Those dreaded spots. Again! What is more frustrating than continually finding spots on your clean dishes? Only to have to wash them again. And this time, by hand. Often known as hard water spots, these can be the result of your home’s concentration of minerals in your water. Chances are, your municipal water system or well has some form of minerals floating around and when the water evaporates from a wash, these can leave spots or residue on your dishes. But hard water isn’t the only cause of those spots on your dishes. Here are some ways you can prevent those unsightly spots on your dishes (and save yourself from having to rewash them!)

Do You Have Hard Water?

Use a rinse agent. Even easier, you can fill the compartment with white vinegar which will do the same thing. Be careful when using vinegar with flatware or metal pans, however. White vinegar may discolor them. If your water is very hard, you may want to consider installing a water conditioner or softener.

Too Much or Too Little Detergent

Whether it’s too much or too little, the incorrect amount of detergent can make a difference, either by leaving a film or not getting dishes clean enough..

Don’t Overload the Dishwasher

Make sure you’re following the manufacturer’s instructions to load your dishwasher. If you are overloading or improperly loading the bottom rack, it can block the water spray from getting to all the dishes.

Don’t Use Other Water While Dishes Wash

If your water pressure isn’t sufficient, your dishwasher may not be filling sufficiently. Keep other water sources off until your dishwasher fills.

Make Sure Your Water Temperature Is Hot Enough

Run your dishes on the hot cycle. If you don’t know how hot your water is, you can put a meat thermometer inside to get a reading. You may want to run the kitchen hot water for a few minutes to get the hot water going and remove the cold water from the pipes.

Clean Your Filter

Food particles can get caught in your dishwasher filter. Make sure you clean it out periodically.

Check Your Water Inlet

Check the tube that feeds water into your dishwasher and make sure it’s not kinked. Your water intake line should be ⅜” to ½”. A water intake line that’s too small will inhibit water flow to the dishwasher.


If you pre-wash your dishes with regular detergent and then put them directly into the dishwasher, you may be causing oversudsing. Regular dish washing detergent is not meant for dishwashers.

Dry Your Dishes By Hand

When all else fails, dry those dishes by hand. It may seem a hassle but it certainly beats washing AND drying them by hand trying to get water spots off them. Water spotted dishes are frustrating. If you have tried every tip and still see spots on your dishes, it may be time to call for an appliance repair in San Diego county. Call the appliance repair experts at San Diego Appliance Repair company and get rid of those unsightly spots. Contact us:

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