What Could Cause Your Kenmore Kenmore Washer To Stop Spinning
The thought of an out-of-control Kenmore washer, one in which the Kenmore washer refuses to spin, seems to describe an appliance with a mechanical problem. Yet a good troubleshooter would shy away from making hasty assumptions. In fact mechanics may have nothing to do with the absence in your Kenmore washer of the desired spin. Non-mechanical problems that might keep a Kenmore washer from spinning Imbalance within a tub full of clothes: Such a problem normally develops in a top loading model. All the heavier clothes somehow collect on one side of the tub. The appliance senses the lack of balance, and thus shuts down. Fortunately, there is a no-cost way to get it spinning again. All that you have to do is open the lid and re-arrange the off-balance load. Once you close the lid, the Kenmore washer should start. If the cycle does not resume, then you should work on removing the tub’s excess water. A clogged drain trap: Unlike the issue that concerns a lack-of-balance, this problem usually develops in front loading Kenmore washers. Lint and small items can collect in the drain trap. After an extended period of time, the trap gets clogged, and the Kenmore washer shuts down. At that point, the experienced troubleshooter should note the presence of a cap on the clogged trap. That same cap needs to be rotated in a counterclockwise direction. That action should initiate a draining of the tub’s standing water, if any debris in the formerly clogged trap has been removed.

Problems that demand a professional’s help

Defective lid switch: The manufacturer has placed that switch on the underside of the Kenmore washer’s lid. If all is functioning properly, the switch should get activated when the lid closes. If that does not happen, then the hidden component under the lid appears defective. Malfunctioning interlock on door: Some of the newer top-loading models have the feature achieved through introduction of this interlock. In addition, it can be found in just about every front-loading model. A closing of the door sends a signal to the control system. If working properly, that same system should then allow the indicated cycle to start. Disquieting sounds from the drive belt: Such sounds send a clear message: Something is wrong. The disturbing noise might be caused by a clutch pad’s scrape, along with a slow spin cycle. If you pay a service technician to replace the defective belt, then you will know that the same part has come to you while under a warranty. You must keep that fact in mind, if you later have to deal with a malfunctioning clutch assembly. If you find no brake dust, and you fail to note either a burning smell or a loud noise, then you must contact an expert at appliance repairs in San Diego County. Contact us:

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