What Are The Reasons That Your Dryer Is Noisy
If the noises from the dryer are getting more every day, you might be concerned. Noisy dryers have many possible causes. The ten causes listed here will usually require a professional appliance repair technician in San Diego County. # 1. One cause of a noisy dryer can be the drive belt. A frayed, separated and worn drive belt will cause a thumping noise in your dryer. # 2. Your machines drum roller may become worn or broken. If this is the cause your dryer will make a squealing, thumping noise. # 3. Your next noisy dryer cause could be the axles that hold the drum rollers in place. Axles will wear away over time and your indication will be a loud, rumbling noise from your dryer. # 4. If your dryer is making a thumping, roaring noise this could be caused by the blower wheel. The noise is caused by the blower wheel coming loose or even completely worn. The blower wheel may need to be replaced. # 5. A squealing or squeaking noise may be caused by a worn out bearing. The noise is caused when the bearings move without the right amount of lubrication. The rubbing of metal-against-metal causes the noises. # 6. Inside the drum are baffles or lifters. If these have become damaged in any way they can in turn damage your clothing. A clumping sound with every revolution the drum makes is an indication that the baffles are worn or loose. # 7. Drum slides are the smooth surface the drum rotates on. If you hear a scraping sound from your dryer it indicates that the drum slide surface is no longer smooth. # 8. An idler pulley provides tension to the drum belt to rotate it. When the idler pulley becomes worn you will hear a high-pitched squeal. # 9. Another reason your dryer is noisy could be the idler assembly, or shaft. This shaft will wear out quickly if the idler pulley needs to be replaced. The noise you will hear is a thumping or loud scraping sound if the shaft is damaged. # 10. The drive motor in your dryer could be another cause for noise. Both electric and gas dryers have a drive motor. If the drive motor needs replacing you will hear several noises. A humming noise and high-pitched noises can indicate problems with your drive motor. Noisy dryers may have big problems. Purchasing a dryer maintenance kit can help. Some noisy dryer problems can be eliminated with common replacement parts included in the kit. Just to be sure you may want a service visit from a professional repairman, as they can diagnose and repair it properly. Contact us. (619) 719-5005   [email protected]